Леонид Агутин рассказал о девушке, изменившей его жизнь The musician remembered the day he first became a father. Eldest daughter of Leonid Agutin Polina turned twenty. Known by touching congratulated the heiress a happy birthday.

      Леонид Агутин рассказал о девушке, изменившей его жизнь

      The eldest daughter of popular musician and teacher of the popular show “the Voice. Children” Leonid Agutin Polina 12 March turned twenty. The actor, who is known for his talent to compose stunning verse congratulations to all dates of their loved ones, published in the microblog message, dedicated to the elder heiress. The words of Leonid Agutin addressed to Pauline, and bribe their sincerity. It is obvious that the musician is experiencing a very warm and paternal affection for adult daughter.

      “Polenka, I remember this day – written by Leonid Agutin on his page on Instagram. – I became a father. For the first time. Then, on March 12, 1996, my life changed forever. My Polenka was born, my oldest. I’m proud of you, admire your success, care about you, love you and miss you. Don’t know who you are so kind, smart and sincere. So to whom? I congratulate you happy Birthday! With The Twentieth Anniversary! Praying for your happiness, health and good fortune in this life! I’m always here. You know.”

      Леонид Агутин рассказал о девушке, изменившей его жизнь

      Read this post devoted daughter, fans of Leonid Agutin have to answer to the message the musician in question. “Judging by your verses, words, comments, it definitely looks like you with kindness, intelligence and sincerity, because you too the same! Great when a father can talk about it and be so! Happiness to your daughter and you! Happy birthday!”, “Not as it seems, but you, Leonid, obviously close to the “superdad”. No, not close, but it is, apparently”, – such comments left under the greetings of Leonid Agutin daughters of his followers.

      It is worth noting that the eldest daughter Agutin Polina was born in the marriage of the musician with the ballerina Maria Vorobyeva. Despite the fact that the girl has long lived far from my father, in France, she maintains a warm relationship with him, his wife Angelica Varum and younger sister, 17-year-old Lisa. By the way, to follow in the footsteps of his father Polina is not going – she never wanted to be a singer or an actress. The girl gets a law degree and want to specialize in international relations. This contributes to the knowledge of four languages: Russian, Italian, English and French.

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