SCANDAL: son of Maria Shukshina accused of beating pregnant girl

СКАНДАЛ: Сына Марии Шукшиной обвиняют в избиении беременной девушки
Makar Kasatkin spent the night at the police station.

Makar Kasatkin

Photo: @abunyasha Twitter

The son of Maria Shukshina — Makar Kasatkin was in Chronicles of crime news. Last night, the heir to an acting dynasty held at the police station. Makar is credited with beating a girl… and trade in illicit drugs.

According to media reports, these accusations made by his ex-girlfriend, which Makar and there was a conflict. Police conducted a search in the apartment Kasatkina, after which he was arrested and taken to the police station where they spent the night, according to REN-TV.

A friend of Makarov States that he has for some time circulate among the familiar drugs. To take her lover to the police she decided after he allegedly beat her. In addition, beloved Makar said that is the fourth month of pregnancy. Maria has not yet commented on the incident.

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