Alexander Buinov has declassified a relationship with a married mistress

Александр Буйнов рассекретил отношения с замужней любовницей
The singer confessed to infidelity.

Alexander Buinov

Photo: freeze-frame of the show “the Secret in a million”

Alexander Buinov has been 30 years of happy marriage with his wife Alena. Since then, the singer married for the third time in his personal life was an idyll, but it was not always so. In the show “the Secret in-a-million” the actor said Lera Kudryavtseva heart about their suffering.

Alexander admitted that he cheated on his second wife — Ludmila. Moreover, he was not a fleeting affair, but a serious affair that lasted three years. Violent literally lived all this time on “two houses”. According to him, he thought many times to divorce his wife, but couldn’t do because of my daughter Julia.

“Repeatedly returned to the apartment for his wife to collect things, but then came a daughter, Julia, begged me to stay. As a result, I tore the relationship with that other woman, but after a few days was back at her!” — said Alexander.

But, when Julia was 11 years old, violent yet decided on a divorce. The conversation with my daughter about his departure from the family was a great test for Alexander. Singer subsequently a long time tortured conscience due to the fact that his marriage collapsed. The artist now supports communication with the daughter, and grandchildren.