СКАНДАЛ: Шайя ЛаБаф близок к разводу
The wife gave the actor an ultimatum.

Shia LaBeouf and MIA Goth


30-year-old Shia LaBeouf, star of the franchise “transformers” and dozens of Hollywood hits under threat. His wife, actress MIA Goth, an ultimatum: either he
forever refusing alcohol, or she’s filing for divorce. So if
the actor doesn’t want to lose his beloved wife, he will have to take himself in hand.

always had a weakness for alcohol, or rather he never knew when
to stop. “The problem is that I do not drink, I absolutely
no longer control myself…” — said the actor. He did it
recognition after the last arrest, which occurred in the state of Georgia in this
month. Then Shia, clearly moved
of alhocol, began to pester passers-by on the street and desperately swearing in
the presence of children. And when they offended the citizens called the police, he went
still on guard…

his passion LaBeouf fights for a long time. In September last year, he
boasted that have achieved significant success — in compliance with complete sobriety already
for about a year. But in may of 2017, going to meet fans in
Finland, he escaped and made
drunk scandal at a local bar, for which he was expelled from there.

In the result of drunken antics, Chiu have repeatedly arrested. And now, it seems, patience
his wife came to an end.

LaBeouf married relatively recently — he and his wife registered their
marriage in October of 2016, meet MIA and Shia for almost five years. And all the while the Goth was hoping
that he can tame the “demons”.