Сенсация: 54-летняя Деми Мур хочет усыновить ребенка!
The actress is tired of living alone.

In Hollywood
spread the news, which shocked not only fans of the actress, but
many of her friends. As reported by overseas media, the 54-year-old demi Moore intends
start the adoption process!

Daughter of actress 29 — year-old Rumer, 26-year-old Scout and 23-year-old
Tallulah — have long grown up and live separately. It is possible soon they will make
her grandmother. However, while demi lives alone and as she realized some time
ago, she is to be fed. Moreover, it is claimed, demi was inspired by recent
the decision of the Madonna, which this year adopted four year old twin girls, Esther and Stella. Moore wanted to follow the example of the singer.
After all, if Madonna, who is 4 years older than demi, could afford
being a mom again, what prevents the actress to do the same?

However, to educate
the child that wants to adopt an actress, she is likely to have one
as in personal life, demi recently there has been stagnation. Recall that
the first husband of the actress were singer Freddy Moore. With her second husband and father
all three of her daughters with Bruce Willis — she divorced 19 years ago. Since then, the actress managed to visit again
to visit married to Ashton Kutcher, with whom she broke up over his infidelity in 2013.

After the third
divorce from demi many well-known gentlemen, including Alex Rodriguez, Vito
Nose, Harry Morton… She attributed even the romance with Prince Andrew. However, the last
flirting actress — Tobey Maguire —
ended last year and since then she’s sad and alone.