Alla Dovlatov is going to greatly reduce the amount of waist 3 weeks

Алла Довлатова намерена сильно уменьшить объем талии за 3 недели
Leading said he plans to cope with the task with the help of yoga.

Alla Dovlatov

Photo: Instagram

Alla Dovlatov has set itself a sufficiently serious
the goal is for the three weeks leading going to acquire a perfect figure, strengthening
muscles and dropping excess weight. “The clock is ticking! — smiling star. — Finally, we
together again with my trainer for yoga and aerobics! She returned from the retreat
in Spain and took hold of me, rolling up his sleeves. Until August 19th, I have to reduce
the waist is 3 cm.
Why the nineteenth? Just then Oksana flew to Georgia…” Fans supported Dovlatov. “Come on, we believe in you;
will succeed!” — inspired video star.

It should be noted that Allah after giving birth to fourth baby, immediately began
to work on yourself. And this, despite the cesarean section, which prohibited
most sports and workouts! It was during this period Dovlatov
saved by yoga, which, according to the leader, you can recover quickly
correctly and safely.

“Some yoga techniques you can perform from the very first hours
after birth, — said Alla. — Practice yoga after natural childbirth
has some differences from the yoga after Cesarean section. The main task of early
postpartum recovery — improves the tissue nutrition for early
healing of joints, preventing swelling, adhesions and post-partum back pain
normalization of lactation (who have it) and improved psycho-emotional
condition of the woman. Immediately after birth, I performed one of my favorite
exercises — push-UPS on the wall, as floor due to cesarean section
to do push-UPS it was impossible”.