Scandal on the show “Dancing”: as agreed Druzhinin with channel TNT

Скандал на шоу «Танцы»: о чем договорился Дружинин с каналом ТНТ
The parties held talks.

Yegor Druzhinin and Igor Mishin

Photo: Instagram

The scandal on the set of the show “Dancing. Battle of the seasons” last week, ended the negotiation between the mentor project by Egor Druzhinin and General Director of channel TNT Igor Mishin.

The sides have long tried to solve world conflict, and finally reached a compromise: the show would be continued, and the shooting of the new issue will take place tomorrow. So fans can rejoice. Because the last episode, which was shown on Saturday could be the last! Also the project returns to the old rules of voting: three nominees, “right Svetlakov”, the selection of mentors.

Hapanim, the scandal on the set of the show “Dancing. Battle of the seasons” broke out during the announcement of the results of the audience voting. Egor Druzhinin has declared that categorically does not agree with the verdict of the audience. In protest, he took his team and together they left the project “Dances. Battle of the seasons”. But now the conflict is resolved. Yegor returned to the show, but about the fate of the dancer Dima Maslennikov no Druzhinin, nor Mishin told nothing.

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