Gary Oldman will play Winston Churchill

Гари Олдман сыграет Уинстона Черчилля

British actor Gary Oldman is preparing for a responsible role. The star of the film “Leon-killer” will transform into a political figure of Winston Churchill.

Oldman gave his consent to the shooting in the biographical drama of Joe Wright’s “the darkest hour”, where rasstaetsja about the political crisis of 1940 year, which was caused by the success of German military operation “Weserubung” (to seize Denmark and Norway). Then Churchill was appointed Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

The film will touch upon the episode at Dunkirk. During Dunkerly operations on the French coast were evacuated more than 300 thousand of the allies of great Britain. By the way, about these events, his new film takes Christopher Nolan.

The author of the script was Anthony Mccarten – Creator “of the Universe Stephen Hawking” (for which he was even nominated for “Oscar”).

Start date of filming and the estimated date of the premiere is not defined.


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