SCANDAL: Elena Volatile “planted” cockroaches before checking the hospital?

СКАНДАЛ: Елена Летучая «подбросила» тараканов перед проверкой больницы?
The TV presenter was accused of organizing provocations.

Elena Letuchaya

Photo: freeze-frame video about Elena Flying

Elena Letuchaya finally fulfilled the request of millions of Russians started to check not only hotels, cafes and restaurants, but also hospitals. TV star, famous for his passion for restoring order, descended to the city hospital number 2, located in Voronezh. The arrival of Elena was associated with complaints of one of the students, VAPI where Volatiles gave a lecture for young journalists.

Arriving at the aforementioned medical facility, Flying provoked a scandal. It all started with the fact that Elena in the company of several students and videographer, made a tour of the hospital. TV presenter found uncleaned toilets on the floor crawling with cockroaches, dirty mattresses on the beds, lack of bedding and lack of repair, even cosmetic, according to Elena had said all the claims by the acting chief doctor, Sergei Tokarev, and he promised to ensure that all comments have been fixed.

But later in the Internet appeared the information that the hospital blames Elena… provocation! According to doctors, shortly before the appearance of the Fly and the crew at the hospital was allegedly visited by a young man asking to go to the bathroom. Stranger, if to trust this version, soiled toilet seat, sketched out the trash, and left a box of medicines, which he carried cockroaches. By coincidence, the Volatile tested this powder room. The hospital staff claim that Elena doesn’t accidentally purposefully went to “proper” toilet at the hospital several of them and the others allegedly were in perfect order.

After the statement of the staff of the institution netizens began a heated discussion, whether there could Elena really an act of provocation? Even assuming that this were indeed the case, then it remains unclear why a Bat would want to create a diversion. “I do not believe that Elena is capable of. It seems that the hospital just wants to “throw a switch”. Volatile is the only one who deals with such important issues in our country” “Thank you Fly for all we have in this state a hospital, it’s time to restore order”, “the same scheme was in the café all the bases!” — Express their opinions fans of Helena.

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