Masha Malinovskaya in order to restore the reputation of the “leaked” results of tests

Маша Малиновская ради восстановления репутации «слила» результаты анализов
The artist wants to regain the good name.

Recently Dana Borisova in the whole country has said it wants to help those in need of stellar colleagues with the fight against pernicious habits. She said that in the world of show business there are people seriously suffering from dangerous addictions. The presenter hinted at two people who, according to her, need help in the fight for “eyeballs”.

Fans quickly figured out, about who, exactly, said Borisov. Mysterious blonde who use prohibited substances, in their opinion, was Masha Malinovskaya. To refute rumors of drug addiction, the star has gone to extreme measures: I took a drug test and published the result in the Network.

Judging by the results, Masha easily passed this test. But there are detractors found something to object to. It turned out that the Director could show a “fake” forms with the results, as they should not stamp of the medical institution where the study was conducted. “I have these papers you though how to print and write. But the test can take any for you!”, “This is how not to respect themselves, to put that…” — commented the act to the Director Network users.