Скандал: у Алики Смеховой вымогают деньги
The actress is trying to restore an account in Instagram, which was hacked at the weekend.

Alika Smekhova

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Another famous victim of the hackers was Alika Smekhova. On
the weekend, the actress couldn’t get in on his personal page in Instagram, which was crack cocaine.
Moreover, in the personal account of the stars appeared advertising information with
offer help in hacking the Internet pages. Of course, the appearance of this
questionable post itself Smekhova had no relations, but 239-five thousand
subscribers needed time for
to understand what is happening.

In a similar situation, be a celebrity, but
the audacity of those who hacked the page of Laughter, just rolls. Actress
received on his personal e-mail the following letter: “Good afternoon,
Alika! It so happened that your instagram account ordered a break-in. I
complied with the order. But the man cheated me and not paid the second part. I
‘ve wasted. So, your account is turned to me. I can get the profile for
a certain fee”. That is Smehow basic way started

The actress has asked all of its subscribers to complain about it
account, which captured the intruders to it blocked. In parallel
Alik turned to the experts who are helping to restore a web page.

Recall that before the New Year had to restore your
account and Irina Bezrukovoj. The number of subscribers on the page remains the same,
but all the photos and videos actress had to upload again.