Пинк с семьей переезжает в Австралию

Australia – a separate country-continent, which love many Hollywood celebrities. What exactly in Australia she wants to raise children, not just saying, Margot Robbie, Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman and brothers Hemsworth also not forget about his homeland. Now among the celebrities that have become part of this wonderful state, added the singer Pink.

The actress is ready to move to Australia. According to the insider, Pink has asked the real estate agent who found her the perfect in her opinion the estate.

The mansion is situated in the heart of the Peninsula the Australian state of Victoria, it is called an analogue of Malibu. It is the home of the rich and famous, and a closed beach territory.

By the way, a little earlier real estate in Australia also got TV presenter Ellen DeGeneres. She bought a house in the Mornington Peninsula.

What inspired Pink to leave the States and start a new life in Australia, not specified. Perhaps the artist doesn’t want to live in a country ruled by Donald trump?

Earlier, Pink has spoken about her figure.