Scandal: Alice VOX got on the Remix someone else’s song

Скандал: Алиса Вокс попалась на ремиксе чужой песни

New video premiere, promised the ex-soloist of “Leningrad”, was a banal remake of another hit.

Fans of Sergey Shnurov does not hide the Schadenfreude, and personal fans of the former soloist of “Leningrad” just disappointed. New video premiere “Hold on” Alice and her entourage so vigorously promoted all last week, turned out to be a Remix of the hit “take it “hand” of the Ukrainian singer and musician Andrey Kuzmenko, known under the pseudonym Kuzma Skryabin.

In order to verify this, sufficient a simple comparison. Here’s the “new” hit Alisa VOX:

But posted on Youtube four years ago, the record Kuzma Scriabin:

Moreover, Andrey-Kuzma was killed in an accident in February of last year. His car collided with a milk truck, death was instantaneous. The musician was 46 years old.

Who agreed with Alice about the use of songs, is unclear, although the victim in the accident left the musician’s widow, living in Ukraine.

In this case the authorship Kuzmenko Alisa in General does not hide, put the link to the clip on his page “Vkontakte”, she pointed out that poetry and music do not belong to her, and the Ukrainian musician and showman.

Thus the work of ex-soloist of “Leningrad” was reduced to the translation of the song on Russian language and the creation of the video, which was filmed for her Petersburg Director Vadim Vatagin, known only among their colleagues. No high-profile projects to his credit. And it is unlikely those will be the music video for “Hold on” – fans of Cord and Alice already called him boring, dead, computer and unoriginal.

And the most active immediately remembered the words of a Cord about the fact that he makes average girls “quite a star”. And with them it’s hard to argue: while on independent star Alice really could not afford it.

Recall that the “Leningrad” singer left in late March. About her departure, the fans found out at the concert in Moscow, when instead of Alice VOX with Shnurov on stage were two new girls: former administrator of the “Leningrad” Vasilisa and the star of St. Petersburg FL karaoke.

The same evening Alisa VOX posted on the social media statement, which claimed that he left the “Leningrad” on their own to start a solo career. However, the further behavior Shnurov denied these words. Sergey very unflattering comments about the former principal dancer, and his wife Matilda even called Alice “ungrateful”.

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