Dmitry Nagiev has ceased to hide feelings for Olga Seryabkina

Дмитрий Нагиев перестал скрывать чувства к Ольге Серябкиной The TV presenter confessed to liking to the singer. Dmitry Nagiev has publicly stated that he likes Olga Seryabkina. Earlier, the artists starred in the Comedy “The best day”. Probably the joint work in the frame brought the stars.

      Дмитрий Нагиев перестал скрывать чувства к Ольге Серябкиной

      Dmitry Nagiev keeps the details of his personal life in strict confidence. Fans looking for favorite host on TV, speculated on what the taste of their favorite what women he is attracted to. Now they have an idea of the potential companion stars. Dmitry was very talkative in last eve gala dinner “MUZ-TV”, which was dedicated to the upcoming ceremony of delivery of musical awards. He admitted to feelings for the soloist of the band “SEREBRO”.

      “I like Olga Seryabkina. As a woman, as a person. I songs, however, are not heard. And why,” said Naghiyev. It is noteworthy that the object of sympathy, the TV presenter was in the immediate vicinity. The group “SEREBRO” with its full complement arrived to the gala evening. By the way, this year the team claim two awards: “Best pop band” and “Best song in a foreign language”. Dmitry Nagiyev, in turn, will lead the ceremony, succeeding Andrey Malakhov. So the pair have to cross more than once in the near future.

      We will remind, Olga Seryabkina also voiced that he had special feelings for the presenter. The actors starred together in the Comedy film “The best day”, where he had the opportunity to become better acquainted. “Dima is very charming and it was impossible not to fall in love. It was so easy to work with, and on set he’s really helped me,” admitted the star in an interview with “StarHit”.

      Olga Seryabkina: “In Nagiyev was impossible not to fall in love”

      It is interesting that in the story the heroine of Seryabkina played flighty and capricious star who fell in love the hero was associated with serious feelings with his bride. However, he could not resist the charm of visiting the singer and rushed into her embrace. It is noteworthy that due to Dmitry Olga managed to overcome shyness in explicit scenes.

      “I’m so role-playing that can in the breaks between filming to contact a colleague by the name of the hero, but about the present don’t even think. But Frank scene on the camera can’t even imagine… – confessed the actress “StarHit”. – The first day of shooting was very scary. And then Dima and I became friends. When something does not work, he asks: “Olga, listen to what I say, and everything will be fine”. Some tips too intimate to be talking about them, but really help!”

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