Сати Казанова возмущена подозрениями в сектанстве The singer has published a post that spoke out against the persecution of yoga, which she enjoys for many years. The publication Sati Casanova aroused heated discussion among Internet users. Meanwhile, the detained lecturer, who stood up for the actress, suspected of working for dangerous religious organization.

      Singer Sati Kazanova, a long – time fan of yoga, which she practices for more than ten years. In recognition of the celebrity, this is not a hobby but a way of life. Casanova regularly travels to India to meditate and do spiritual practices. Recently the actress did a full rage post on social networks, which has stood for Dmitry UGA detained in St. Petersburg last fall. Man, read at the town festival a lecture about different types of yoga, was accused of illegal religious missionary activities. Casanova is deeply outraged by what happened.

      “Yoga has become an important and an integral part of life of modern Western man. Strange and stupid to deny all of its benefits for physical and mental health. In Saint-Petersburg judge the person for the lecture about yoga… I’m in extreme indignation and frustration! It turns out that all of us who practices yoga, teaches her (since last year I became a lecturer in Atma-Kriya-yoga), can easily come and arrest?… Yoga and the Vedas are not religion, but philosophy and knowledge of life, the most important and oldest”, – said Sati in his microblog.

      Casanova also noted that in India with a deep respect for Russian culture. “Here, on one patch of land, friendly coexist churches of all faiths – Hindu, Catholic, Orthodox, Buddhist and Muslim mosque. And, as simply and wisely said yesterday, one local man: “We are no longer fighting because of religion. This is stupid. After all, we have nothing to share, God is one!” – continued Sati.

      Celebrity also explained that meant to her Indian practices. “Yoga is my life!.. P. S. the Word “yoga” means “Union, unity”. And here refers to the unity of heaven and earth, human and divine, male and female…” – explained the artist.

      The post Casanova caused heated discussions in social networks. Internet users commented on the publication of the stars and made it repost.

      Later in mass media there was information that the yoga teacher Dmitry Ugai, which stood up well-known singer, was arrested after a complaint from one of the locals. His wife left the sect “Krishna Consciousness”. The man suggested that the festival will go on missionary activity aimed at attracting new adherents of this religious movement.

      After some time, Casanova has published another appeal, which clarified his political position.

      “I want to assure everyone that my post is not anti-government. I am deeply convinced that there is nothing more stupid than to abuse the power, their origin, their country. I just ask that you reconsider this bill, it is relative to yoga and other practices and lectures. In multicultural and multireligious, it is cruel to put such restrictions,” wrote Satie.