Внешность постаревшей Памелы Андерсон сочли безобразной The famous blonde has changed beyond recognition. The star of “Baywatch” Pamela Anderson appeared at a social event, accompanied by his eldest son. However, everyone’s attention was drawn to a young man, and the fading beauty of the actress.

      Sex symbol of 90s Pamela Anderson impressed the public with their views on the evening in Los Angeles, organized by Sean Penn. 49-year-old actress came to the event with his 20-year-old son Brandon Lee. Many fans and journalists drew attention to the fact that now the pop diva barely recognizable. Some noted that because of the numerous plastic surgeries a celebrity has lost its former beauty. They can’t believe that the star of Playboy magazine could change that much. Despite the lack of wrinkles, the appearance surprised the fans of the actress. They felt that it has lost its charm.

      Pamela Anderson has always been famous for its plump lips and favored garish makeup, and a hallmark of the platinum blonde was soft curls. For a gala evening, the star of “Baywatch” was not brightly painted. Anderson appeared with a sloppy hairstyle – oblique parting and light curls. She made a discreet make-up in pastel colours and chose a fairly understated outfit – a black sheath dress below the knee. Despite the fact that before Pamela at every opportunity showed cleavage, she’s not flaunting her breast.

      Photos of Pamela Anderson have become almost the main topic on the Internet today and caused a storm of discussions. Appearance 49-year-old celebrity surprised many. Some believed that the actress just did not know. They felt that many plastic surgery went to her detriment, and now she can’t return it to its former beauty. However, others came to the defense of the stars and suggested that for her age she was well preserved.

      Pamela Anderson for many years was the desirable character of the men’s magazine Playboy. Naked body in photos famous blondes enthralled the strong half of humanity, which recognized her as the sex symbol of the 90s. When the magazine announced that it will stop to publish on the pages of his publications fully naked girls, they decided to invite the star of “Baywatch” to participate in this project. “Work in Playboy magazine was an important part of my life. You can even jokingly say that our DNA are intertwined,” said Pamela.