Константин Райкин восстанавливается после операции Media reported that the star of cinema and theatre is undergoing rehabilitation after the next intervention of medical professionals. Earlier, Konstantin Raikin has received a serious muscle injury. It happened on the celebrity tour in Tobolsk.

      Journalists reported that 66-year-old artistic Director of the theatre “Satyricon” Konstantin Raikin suffered a medical intervention in one of the capital’s hospitals. People’s artist of the Russian Federation was forced to seek help from doctors after a serious injury received on the road to Tobolsk. According to correspondents, Raikin was diagnosed with a torn tendon of the thigh muscles.

      Konstantin Raikin was urgently hospitalized

      Earlier, on 30 December, information appeared about the deterioration of the stars. Then journalists reported that Konstantin Raikin was feeling unwell and was forced to seek help from doctors. According to some publications, the actor was urgently hospitalized, and was taken away in the ambulance. At the same time, other media have denied the report and wrote that about any urgent medical intervention out of the question.

      We will remind that Konstantin Raikin for the first time went to the doctors when he was on tour in Tobolsk. Visit a celebrity with a solo performance of “Your voice” in one of the largest cities of the Tyumen region was marred by an unpleasant incident. The artist unsuccessfully went down the stairs and injured foot. Raikin told reporters that he tore a muscle, which he then sewed into a local hospital under General anesthesia.

      Despite what happened, star of theatre and cinema remained enthusiastic about the trip and meeting with fans. At a press conference Raikin demonstrated a cheerful mood, and tried to hold on, although journalists noted that walking apparently brought him pain. In addition, Konstantin Arkadievich did not cancel the shows, which he toured. Reporters were told that the locals were impressed by the performances with Raikin in the title role. For two days in Tobolsk drama theatre reigned a full house, art lovers have bought almost all the tickets.

      However, the January performances in “the Satyricon” Konstantin Raikin was cancelled. The message on it appeared on the official website of the theatre. It was said that the artistic Director of the famous cultural institutions suffered a serious muscle injury.

      At the moment Konstantin Arkadievich is recovering after suffering a Moscow operation. A celebrity is in the hospital. Doctors assess his condition as stable, according to Life.ru.