Анастасия Волочкова обнажилась в ответ на критику Ballet dancer entered into a dispute with users of the social network. Unable to bear the insults in his address, Anastasia chose to disable comments to your photos from vacation, which she spends in the Maldives.

      Anastasia is enjoying a vacation in the Maldives. Ballerina loves to delight his fans with pictures in bathing suits, and sometimes striking too outspoken staff. In one of the photos from rest of the star posing Topless, covering her Breasts with his hands. Users of social networks not just scolded for daring Volochkova images, noting that the figure of the woman is not so perfect to make a bare photo shoot. Anastasia is tired of attacks from the detractors and decided to turn off comments on the page.

      In her usual polite manner, the dancer wrote that she doesn’t have time to read all the negativity that people write about her appearance.

      “I understand that many do not give rest to my person, my form, my appearance, and more. Well, unsubscribe from my page, for a time at least. So don’t be nervous,” said Volochkova haters.

      Some subscribers ballerina supported it, urging not to pay attention to the negative. According to them, things like that, people often write out of envy. “Anastasia, no woman that is sure of himself and of itself something represents, will never write you nasty things! You are smart and a hard worker! I sincerely admire you!”, “Nastya, enjoyable and rewarding holiday for you! You are beautiful!” “Great, at least in the warm sea, though in a barrel of frozen water”, “All the troublemakers and I want to say: relax! Who are you? What are you? Pass by silently. Anastasia is a beautiful woman, mother, star, she has hundreds of the most influential fans, ready for her to much!” – I wrote to the followers in defense of the celebrity.

      By the way, Volochkova has not admitted the social network with whom she is in the Islands. However, the ballerina admits that during a trip it is surrounded by certain men. One of the surprises for spectacular blonde was a romantic boat ride during sunset. In the short video, shared by the artist on the page, she showed the surrounding area.

      Anastasia encourages people who have no possibility to get from winter to summer, not to lose heart. She admitted to their devoted fans in love and wished them all the best. “I’m happy to be with you, to write to you, what a brilliant thing to create a social network. We can be at a great distance from each other and be close. Each of you know, love and appreciate. Be happy and successful!” – wrote Volochkova under the bright pink swimsuit by the ocean.