Olga Buzova will blow up the dance floors new hit

Ольга Бузова взорвет танцполы новым хитом Leading plans to conquer the music industry. Fans of Olga Buzova waiting for her incendiary track in which she will pour out my soul and share their views on life. A celebrity is going to meet the expectations of fans and therefore hard to work on a song, is able to break the record of “the sounds of kissing.”

      Ольга Бузова взорвет танцполы новым хитом

      TV presenter Olga Buzova not lose time in vain. New year holidays just ended, and the girl for several days as in the ranks – leads the event and engages in creativity. Among other things, Buzova kept his promise to fans last year. At the moment celebrity is getting ready to blow up dancefloors a new superhit. Olga is learning the words and working hard in the recording Studio in order to amaze fans one more song.

      Olga Buzova switched to brutal fighters

      Buzova published several photos taken while recording a new track.

      “Hold on, domestic show-business” – with these words, the star has signed one of the pictures.

      Earlier, during the award of the channel Fashion TV, Olga Buzova stated that it plans to prepare a full-fledged program. Fans of star felt that it was very serious and plans to conquer new heights, this time in the music industry. “I already began to study singing and would like to ask Emin that he was preparing “Crocus”, – joked the brunette.

      Recall that the track Buzova “the sound of kisses”, released in November last year, in a short time topped the charts of the Russian iTunes. Fans of celebrity was in huge delight from her work and recorded covers of her tracks. Friends and acquaintances of Olga, including Elena Temnikova, too hurried to support her. “Baby, happy for you,” shared the ex-soloist of the group SEREBRO.

      Olga Buzova became the object of harassment by colleagues

      Your opinion about creativity Buzova expressed and Rita Dakota, whose song “half a person” won on radio stations and the hearts of many fans of modern music. “In my life, amazing people, gained through field. One of those guys it’s Olga Buzova: positive, light and good… Everyone has the right to do something that makes his life a broken wings of Lata and again raise above the gossip and aggressors”, – shared the wife of Vlad Sokolovsky.

      At the same time, many users of social networks, on the contrary, criticized the composition of the well-known leading chiding her to not strong enough vocal and excessive use of “autotune”. So, the music editor of the “Voice” Aziz, has criticized the manner of singing of Olga. “This… in the first place! What should happen to people listening to normal music?! Millions of people download it…” commented the girl.