Сати Казанова борется с болезнью спины
The singer urged everyone to stay healthy.

Photo: Instagram

Singer Sati Casanova, which recently presented him with his Italian lover and announced she’s getting married, confessed that for many years suffering from back pain. And the reason that the disease has progressed, so favorite singer yoga!

“My spine was the letter S — shared Casanova. —I managed to work out and not notice a triple scoliosis! The most sad that in 12 years of yoga practice, the situation only worsened (to serve as proof MRI scans and x-rays). I’m glad I was fortunate to meet a wonderful wizard that literally “peel” again my spine and entire skeletal system. It tells the fundamentally important thing: the spine is our core, the Foundation. If he’s crooked, mean, and inner core is not all right. From childhood we all beneath something caved rare child avoid scoliosis. But now we have the opportunity to realize, recognize, work is work in the present can heal the past and build the future. And, importantly, not to do sports, yoga and dancing on the curve of the spine — unfortunately, it will only aggravate the situation. Well, the x-ray to help you!”