Джордж Клуни рассказал о трудностях отцовства
The actor’s wife has almost regained antenatal form.

George and Amal Clooney


George Clooney, whom his wife Amal in June of this year blessed
the birth of twins Ella and Alexander, said how difficult he is given
paternity. “I confess I did not
expected to become a father at 56 years of age, especially the father of the twins. Suddenly I
was responsible for the lives of two little people — I find it simply appalling!
So I want to advise: never build plans, just enjoy life!” — said the actor.

which very much helps his wife with the children, said: “currently, my most
main job is to change children diapers and
hanging out with them. You know, now that I’m trying to clean my favorite suit from
dried milk, which is regurgitated one of the twins, I almost don’t care, I
resigned. I say to myself: “so what?
Earlier I was cleaning his suits after one of their parties. And now they
stain children. All right, things are moving in the right direction…”

by the way, thanks to the active assistance of George, his wife had the opportunity to do
a. And achieved notable success: Amal, who not so long ago complained,
that strongly recovered and became, in her words, “as big as a house”, the last
time much of postroila. When the Network has photos of Mrs. Clooney,
playing with her husband in tennis, her fans got the opportunity to make sure that
it is close to restoring prenatal forms. “My wife looks just fine as the Olympic
athlete!” proudly commented George.