Sati Casanova: “I Forbid my husband to look at other girls”

Сати Казанова: «Запрещаю мужу смотреть на других девушек» Music, foreign languages, yoga, travel… Sati is interested in everything. Husband Stefano clearly grabbed a piece of cake. Answering tricky questions “StarHit”, the singer made an unexpected confession.

  • Due to the DIFFERENCE in the mentality of my HUSBAND… not always and not at once can understand each other. In everyday life he is less careful than I am, and that’s an understatement! Sometimes, throwing clothes all over the apartment, and I go and collect. In relation to money, on the contrary, more careful. And I never know how much is in my wallet.
  • For the SAKE of someone you love… learn to be patient and not get upset over little things, especially regarding his carelessness in everyday life.
  • Due to the FACT THAT you don’T KNOW ITALIAN… I can not watch all the videos captured by her husband in travelling. They are a masterpiece, I’m sure, even without understanding the language. But I would like to really delve into the essence of what is happening.
  • NEVER CONFESS STEFANO… sometimes I hate to do things that make him happy. But bringing him happiness, therefore, they can transcend themselves – consciously and joyfully.
  • It depresses ME WHEN…SPOUSE is going through or gets upset, my heart hurts when I see Stefano sad.

Sati Casanova: “my husband and I tied the mystical signs”

The MAIN thing IN OUR FAMILY… trust and respect. We are not jealous of each other. Is it just a joke playing. Sometimes, passing by the girl, and the husband said, “Mmm, what a pretty girl!” Take the indignant view of the possible, saying, don’t look to others, I am the best!

  • CAN flare up IF… favorite long going. Usually everyone is waiting for me, but when he suddenly delayed, I immediately resent. Fortunately, cool down quickly. To my selfishness we are treated with humor.
  • DREAM… that our children were just as smart and pure in heart as my man.
  • FOR the BUDGET IN OUR FAMILY is RESPONSIBLE… both of us. Decisions about purchases and expenditures taken together. We have everything in common.
  • In my LIFE I NEVER… more I’m not going to renounce. Every time I do it, getting the lesson. HURTS… when people write things about me on the Internet. While I try not to react, after all I’m a person, not a robot, and sometimes get upset if you read a blatant lie.

TRAIT, FROM WHICH I WOULD LIKE to get RID of… worry about what people think about me around. This is stupid.

  • None of MY DAY GOES by WITHOUT… meditation.
  • WHEN NOBODY SEES ME, I CAN… walk naked, sing funny songs or talking to myself.
  • Most of ALL I REGRET about wasted time. But I plan to get rid of this feeling and never lament about the past. Strive to have time to implement all that came to the earth.
  • AS a CAUCASIAN GIRL I NEVER… not gonna let myself disrespect for elders. But if suddenly a situation arises when I see injustice and will be a must to Express their opinion, make it even to the elderly.
  • PROUD… I am the daughter of her parents, the daughter of my people, the Caucasus, the mountains… That I’m the wife of a man who loved with all my heart.