Participant of “the Bachelor” came to the project for the pure love and found dirty sex

Участница «Холостяка» пришла на проект за чистой любовью, а нашла грязный секс In the new issue of the reality show, which can be seen today, Sunday, girl will bring the artist out. Egor Creed talk about the fact that someone of the participants came to the project in an intimate relationship with another man.
Участница «Холостяка» пришла на проект за чистой любовью, а нашла грязный секс

Today, live TNT again it will show “the Bachelor” Egor Creed. With each series girls is getting smaller, and passions run high. In the previous release, the set left Menesheva Eugene and Anna krivulya. Viewers make assumptions about who will be in a reality show. Apparently, not lucky the participant, which acted maximally incorrect, which caused a storm of emotions of the protagonist.

One of the candidates for the heart of Yegor cheated on him, joining in an intimate relationship with another man. About the controversial act of Sofia Makeeva artist learned from Aida.

“The project was sex,” she said Creed.
Участница «Холостяка» пришла на проект за чистой любовью, а нашла грязный секс

At first, Egor did not believe, but realizing that Urazbakhtina does not lie, moved to action. The contractor has publicly expressed his outrage behavior makeevoy. “Quiet, please, it’s all here. I learned such a thing, which is not what I was shocked, just completely killed all my hope and faith in good” – with these words Egor addressed the participants.

The actor admitted that he intends to say goodbye to a contestant, afford to cross the line. “It’s so vile and disgusting that I want to send to hell and forget like a bad dream,” – said Yegor. Some participants agreed with the Creed, in a promotional video showed excerpts from their interviews.

In the new series, viewers will also see how participating in the project will play football. Apparently, some of the girls become ill, so her doctor-on-call. Then Egor Krid will arrange a date threat on the trail of king El-Caminito-del-Rey. “For me it is very strong to overcome”, says the artist. The surprises prepared by the issue, not the end.

Note that contestants eliminated in the previous reality TV series, was not upset because of this. “Everyone’s leaving the show, party, relationship, phase of life exactly then, when I got laid experience. Each ending is a new beginning! It’s so cool to finish something. Something to start! I have often said that I love Shiva for this story: creation of new through the destruction of the old!” – posted by Eugene Menesheva in the microblog.

Participant of “the Bachelor,” Eugene Menesheva: “Man should earn more than me”

In turn, Anna krivulya admitted that preparing for the departure from the project. “It’s not my place to be there it was very difficult, because at home waiting for me now. I gave this place? Friends. I met wonderful and kind people who every day fed me energy”, – said the girl on Instagram.