Sati Casanova husband: “I Decided to speak, unable to withstand the tons of lies!”

Сати Казанова с мужем: «Решили заговорить, не выдержав тонны лжи!»
Spouse of the singer found the reasons for which he is credited with treason.

Sati Kazanova with her husband Stefano Tiozzo

Photo: Social networks

Sati Kazanova after a long separation, reunited with her husband. Together with her husband-Italian — Stefano Tiozzo the singer recorded a video message for all fans, have decided that their family is coming divorce. The actress has denied rumors that her publication about the betrayal of a close person was dedicated to the theme of relations with her husband.

“Divorce? Why? You just don’t trust the Italians! — appealed to fans of the husband of Sati. — You have too many preconceptions, you know? The Italians — good people! They also say that I travel a lot because I don’t love Sati. This is not true! Just, guys, it’s my job!”

Sati reached out to fans asking them not to believe all the rumours that appear online about her marriage. Frequent trips Stefano do not affect harmony in the family. By the way, Tiozzo has commented yet, and that his wife was allegedly pregnant.

“Yes, of course! She’s already 10 months pregnant. But, then where are our kids? Who stole them?” — laughed Stefano.

By the way, as it turned out last week, betrayed Casanova is not the husband, and the driver robbed her at a quarter of a million rubles. The news that family life is Sati all right very happy fans, because their love story is reminiscent of a beautiful story that motivates and gives hope.