Another girl! Fans were shocked by an early photo of Elena Armin van Buuren

Другая девушка! Фанатов шокировало раннее фото Елены Подкаминской
The actress has changed a lot since a young age.

Elena Armin van Buuren became widely known after starring in the TV series “Kitchen”, but her acting career began much earlier. Recently, the actress remembered his debut on the big screen. In 2002, Elena starred in the movie “Failure Poirot”, where embodied on the screen the role of Ursula Bourne. The film was made by Sergei Ursulyak, which this year celebrates 60 years.

On the occasion of the anniversary, longtime friend, Helen published a photo from the set, made 16 years ago. Then 23-the summer Armin van Buuren for the first time worked with Orascom. “Only favorite filmmaker can be so childish to watch, to adore, to listen, to trust. Subtle, profound, poetic, ironic, real, unforgettable for the whole life of the man — Sergey Ursulyak! My first teacher in the movies! Happy anniversary, master! Love you forever!” — congratulated Director Elena.

It is worth noting that many fans refuse to believe that the picture really captures Elena. They are surprised by a radical change in appearance the Armin van Buuren since the beginning of her career. “I do not understand who is in the photo?”, “All the other girl. Not similar. Very much has changed,” “don’t misunderstand, however, no wonder they say that a woman gets prettier with age,” — commented the frame the followers of Helena.