Сати Казанову застукали в загсе с незнакомцем The singer was seen together with a spectacular brunette. In the network appeared the pictures taken at the Moscow wedding Palace No. 4. The footage you can see that the girl is wearing a white suit and comfortable shoes.

Singer Sati Casanova noticed in one of the Russian registry offices, together with a young man. The actress, dressed in a light suit, came to the Palace of marriage №4, located in the North of Moscow. Fans of stars are actively discussing the pictures that have hit the net. Some fans believe that Sati is secretly married, while others assume that the wedding has not been, and young people only applied in the future to sign in.

It is known that in the registry office to register the marriage of Russians with foreigners. Such information provoked conversations about what the star wants to enter into a Union with a citizen of another country.

Earlier in the Network already there was talk about the engagement of ex-member of the group “Factory”. A year ago, fans Casanova discussed her upcoming wedding to businessman Alexander Shenkman. However, she later decided to deny this information. Sati said that the businessman’s her friend.

“Alexander Shenkman is a good friend of mine, but we definitely not the kind of relationship where you can talk about marriage. No, no again”, said Casanova.

Sati Kazanova forced to postpone the wedding

The star prefers to keep secret relationships with men, so is not showing on social networks pictures with him. Recently, however, Sati is increasingly publish photos in white dresses, and captions tells how to meet your soul mate.

“People often wonder: “Where can I find love?” It all starts with you. No one ever taught us to accept, to hear themselves, to defend their opinion. “Hush, don’t shout, what will people think, don’t be selfish”, that’s what they say to us from childhood. Jog thoughts on his fate. You will understand how many times I stepped on the throat of his true desires, and how much was punished for it later. Love and odobriti yourself. Life will always mirror your condition coming events and attitudes of the people. When love appears inside of you, it will be around. The most important thing is to realize that you deserve it, of course. Not for something, and just like that,” says Casanova.

Later in the video, which was published on the website Peopletalk, can be seen as Sati something passionately writes and consults with the chosen one.