Poroshina told, as a living ex-spouse.

Порошина рассказала, как живет экс-супруга Цыганова The actress talks with Irina Leonova. According to Poroshina, she was always amazed at how the woman manages to cope with seven children. Maria believes that colleagues need to take an example, and she thinks about another kid.
Порошина рассказала, как живет экс-супруга Цыганова

A year and a half ago, actress Maria Poroshina gave birth to their fourth child. Mother of many children does not deny that we are the fifth kid in the family. A woman loves children and amazed how other colleagues manage to combine the upbringing of the heirs in the theatre and cinema.

“I admire Oksana Okhlobystin, who is raising six children, or Irina Leonova, who generally seven: four sons and three daughters. Recently we met at our mutual friend, and it was very interesting to see how the Ira one by one removed from the car kids. Children noise, racket, run, all at the same time about something ask mom,” – said Poroshina.
Порошина рассказала, как живет экс-супруга Цыганова

According to the actress, ex-wife of Eugene Tsyganov ably copes with all the kids. She has to build the time so that none of the heirs was not devoid of attention.

“Ira, like Octopussy, manages to improve every clothes, comb. And quietly, clearly, as a radar grabs from all this noise really necessary information. But the Ira successfully works: plays at the Maly theater!” – said Maria.

Recall that Leonova and Roma broke in 2015. The actress was pregnant with her seventh child. She did not comment on the gap, offering the journalists to know all the details from Eugene. The man went to his colleague Yulia Snigir, who also bore him a child. According to some, Leonova communicates with her husband only texts, and children he rarely sees. Yevgeny Tsyganov lives for two families

Poroshina he admits that he lives according to the schedule of children, adapting to them. “After the birth of Glafira I can’t afford to sleep even though Glasha husband spoils gets up during the night only once. But Grunya her age woke up every fifteen minutes and so for several months… Now she is already in second grade and she, too, is full of lessons: rhythmic gymnastics at one of the schools Irina Viner, children’s choir, and from September Grunya go further in music school. In General, only manage them to deliver…” said Maria in an interview with the publication “7 days”.