Sasha’s parents Strizhenovoj forbade her to follow in their footsteps

Родители Саши Стриженовой запретили ей идти по их стопам
This year for the successor of the famous names Sasha strizhenovoj is the prom.

Родители Саши Стриженовой запретили ей идти по их стопам

The girl is going to go to University and to link their lives with mathematics. According to Sasha, she is not going to conquer the world of film, which was especially glad her parents, Alexander and Ekaterina Strizhenov.

“If it is possible to obtain a serious education, a solid Foundation to lose it’s just not worth it. And to waste this opportunity for the universities, I think it’s stupid, because the creative profession is still very dependent. But my parents are actually very happy. Because a couple of years ago I was told that if I choose theatrical education, it is only through the corpse of his father,” replied the girl.

Sasha is now actively preparing to enter the UNIVERSITY, devoting most of the time in my spare time.

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