Son Alsu skillfully manipulates it

Сын Алсу умело манипулирует ею
A year ago, the family of the famous singer Alsou was born a long-awaited son Rafael.

Сын Алсу умело манипулирует ею

The singer gave her husband Ian Abramov heir. Recently, Lil Wayne spoke to reporters and openly answered their questions. The actress told how her son is growing.

Сын Алсу умело манипулирует ею

“Nature Yes, drawn. It would seem that they are so small that they do understand? But I can already see how he is. Rafael have lion. He knows what he needs, and, most importantly, knows how to do it. It is well understood how to manipulate the mother how to manipulate adults. And as yet no question of upbringing is not, he is much permissible,” said the singer.

From Alsu and Yan Abramov grown just two wonderful daughters.

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