Sasha Zvereva spoke about the desire of women to lose weight after childbirth

Саша Зверева высказалась о стремлении женщин похудеть после родов
Many young mothers are trying after the birth of a child for a short period of time to regain shape.

Саша Зверева высказалась о стремлении женщин похудеть после родов

They start to closely monitor what you eat, to go to the gym.

Sasha Zvereva does not adhere to such opinion.

She believes that it is wrong to limit myself after the baby is born, everything must be done gradually.

“It’s very important to seek immediately change your body to return to its prenatal state. It is important to give it a rest – it was changed to nine months, slowly. To bring the figure in shape in one month is simply impossible. This stress on the body. If you rush, your body will definitely respond to any negative consequences: you might start bleeding or something. The first few months you need to take care about yourself, and in any case not to overexert yourself. Already on the second stage in two or three months, you can begin to physical exercise, but very carefully, not overloading your body,” he told the star.

Sasha Zvereva is a large mother and knows what he’s talking about.

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