Alla Dovlatov worried about their children

Алла Довлатова беспокоится о своих детях
13 April, a famous radio presenter Alla Dovlatov became a mother for the fourth time.

Алла Довлатова беспокоится о своих детях

The star was born a charming little girl called Mary.

“Worried now with the baby on the hands of time to give attention to all children, Dovlatov is experiencing. – Dasha after two months of the exam, and we’re both terribly afraid of him. My daughter goes to tutoring, sitting behind books, but still nervous. And because you need to find the time to calm her down, cheer up… When, if there boss is a sucker of my time as he wants?”

And the son of a celebrity is at that age when he especially needed the support of parents.

“Pasha is playing in a hockey team, “wings of the Soviets”. Son can’t always go out on the ice, sometimes you have to watch the game from the bench, and that he was worried – he told the star. I’m trying to explain to the Pasha, that not all our life is not always about winning, sometimes it is necessary to be able to look at other people’s triumphs”.

Alla Dovlatov tries to give each child the necessary attention and care.

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