Саша Зверева показала идиллию с мужем после воссоединения The singer and designer very rarely meets with his other half because he lives in California and her husband is in Moscow. Recently the couple was found in Perm, where Sasha came to the meeting with their subscribers. Happy star shared with fans a rare joint photo with Dmitry Almazov.

      Саша Зверева показала идиллию с мужем после воссоединения

      The singer and designer Sasha Zvereva recently visited Perm, where he not only conducted seminars and visited the local beauty salon, but also communicated with their loved ones — son Leo and husband Dmitry Almazov. A rare moment of domestic bliss. Zverev shared in his microblog. At pictures of Sasha and her husband look very happy, and the lion is adorable. The picture was taken in Spa, where Sasha went, to relieve stress and to relax with family.

      “Such cool, happy, girl very cute,” “Magical,” “And dad with you as it is valuable and expensive,considering the demands on him”, “Incredible…favorite.. blessed… Thank you for being there”, “the lion like the Pope,” wrote the subscribers Zvereva.

      Саша Зверева показала идиллию с мужем после воссоединения

      To Perm Sasha visited Yekaterinburg. According to the woman, her meeting with podeschi in both cities went very well. The audience has warmly accepted Zverev and her tips about beauty and health. “What a beautiful, with intelligent eyes, round bellies, attentive, humble and just real… we had a very cozy and cool! Reviews of girls makes me very happy” — shared mother of many children in his Instagram about how they made it through the event in Ekaterinburg.

      At a meeting with young mothers in Perm Zvereva late. In recognition of Sasha, she was late due to the fact that they were taking Leo for a walk. In addition, a woman got stuck in traffic. However, these difficulties did not prevent celebrities to reach their fans and chat with them on the topic of motherhood, as well as many other things of interest to the fairer sex. “Another town and one more acquaintance with the beauty! Moms in waiting, moms of babies, thinking and inspired! Thank you for your attention to my modest person,” wrote Sasha in social networks.

      In Perm, for Zvereva joined her husband Dmitry Diamond, who lives in Moscow. Recall that Sasha is raising children in the United States, so it rarely sees a soul mate. “This morning we have arrived to visit Dima and we are very happy! Leo especially,” expressed their emotions Sasha.

      Sasha Zvereva came back from a departed husband

      Recall that the former participant of group “Demo” Sasha Zvereva lives in California and is the mother of three children. Star regularly maintains a blog in which talks about the difficulties she faces in the education of the heirs. On the wave of its popularity in the Internet Sasha decided to hold a series of meetings with the subscribers in several cities of Russia.

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