Мама Жанны Фриске: первый подробный рассказ о болезни дочери Olga Kopylov gave an interview to the program Andrei Malakhov’s “Tonight”. Mother of the singer remembered about the brightest moments in the life of Jeanne Friske told about how her family is going through the most terrible and irreparable loss.

    Мама Жанны Фриске: первый подробный рассказ о болезни дочери

    June 15 will mark a year since has not become beloved by millions of the singer Zhanna Friske. She left in the Prime of life, leaving an orphan little son Platon.

    On the eve of the anniversary of the death of the daughter, the mother of the deceased actress Olga Kopylova first appeared on television in the program Andrei Malakhov’s “Tonight”. Protecting the peace’s daughter during his illness, and experiencing the bitterness of bereavement, Olga avoided contact with journalists and only a year later he agreed to give an interview, confessing that he is still not ready to talk.


    The first shots of the programs take viewers to the Arkhangelsk cemetery of the capital, the burial place of the singer Zhanna Friske.

    Mother Zhanna Friske: life for the family

    Host of “Tonight” Andrey Malakhov and mother Jeanne Olga Kopylova with huge bouquets of flowers sent to the tomb of the artist. “And you always come in the evening” – asks Andrey Malakhov Olga Vladimirovna. “Yes. I try to no one saw me. Always approaching from the other side of the cemetery, leave the car outside the gate and walk quietly, because there’s always people,” says Olga Kopylova.

    Tomb of Jeanne Friske strewn with flowers. The path to the grave is lined with huge vases, which is also immense bouquets of flowers, next to toys, angels… Olga Vladimirovna perfect, something barely audible said, referring to his late daughter, stroking the hands of the cross, a picture of the singer.

    Мама Жанны Фриске: первый подробный рассказ о болезни дочери

    “It’s peonies from our area, Jeanne loves those flowers,” the mother of the singer said about her in the present tense. Then Olga Vladimirovna lights the candles. “I can’t believe she’s here,” says the woman. “I think she’s on the road. I never cry. Jeanne never gave me a crying, very sorry and loved.”

    Mother Zhanna Friske confessed that this year daughter never had her. “The first half we were called the friends of Jeanne, she has a lot of them, then subsided, but I know that the year will gather all” – continues to Olga.

    “I know how hard this is,” says Andrei Malakhov mom the singer. – Thank you, agreed. But thanks to you, millions of fans of Joan who are unable to come to her grave, she appeared”. After that, the presenter leaves the Olga one, giving her the opportunity to be alone with my daughter.

    “No, if Jeanne knew that she was sick, she wouldn’t have to give birth. We learned after June 7 about her diagnosis. There was a terrible thunderstorm, we drove in the car she was driving , and terribly boomed, and Jeanne grabbed his head and said with such pain in his voice: “Mom, I have a terrible headache”. We got to the pharmacy, bought the meds, and she not all can be taken, and she was nursing. Two days we sat on the pill, and then we were advised the MRI and then we all found out.”

    Could pregnancy trigger the disease? The answer to this question is the mother of Jeanne Friske not. When the son of singer Plato two months old, a gynecologist told her to wean baby from the breast and to go to the hospital for chemotherapy. With the baby left the mother of Joan. “First in Miami came Natasha, and then Dima, Jeanne didn’t want anyone to know about her illness, she hid. Didn’t want to talk about it. You saw the look on her face. She didn’t want to see her even close, and saw the world…”, – continues the monologue, Olga.


    Мама Жанны Фриске: первый подробный рассказ о болезни дочери

    Olga Kopylova showed the apartment of Zhanna Friske in Moscow. In it, the singer wanted to live and be happy with my family – husband and son Plato. “I’m not ready for this interview, it’s still early, too early. Today I’m in the confessional – says the mother of Joan. – I would not speak about it. Joan would not say that. It is my personal not exposed, and then for a year turned this dirt.”

    According to Olga Kopylova, Jeanne loved his apartment. Loved coming here alone and not let strangers in the building. “Here the view is beautiful, so quiet. Nothing we here didn’t change. It smells like Jeanne. And there is a feeling that she’s here. Especially when I open the door to the apartment, I think she’s here. I think she just went on tour and now will call and say “Mom!”, no secret tears Olga Vladimirovna. According to Olga Vladimirovny, with Dmitry Shepelev Jeanne in the apartment is not lived. She was here alone and left here in Miami to give birth to Plato.

    Mama Jeanne has denied reports that the singer before pregnancy knew about their diagnosis. Mother Zhanna Friske: “If the daughter knew that she was sick, she would not give birth”

    According to his mother Jeanne, the family of the singer did not want to believe her terrible diagnosis.

    “We were hoping that the tumor may not be malignant, believed that everything will pass and will recover, – says Olga Vladimirovna. – We believe she’ll pull through. Especially in March 2014, when talking about made the first move, he took mom by the hand and led her into the kitchen. Jeanne stood for the first time after an illness. For me it was a huge joy.”
    Мама Жанны Фриске: первый подробный рассказ о болезни дочери

    About the treatment of Joan, her mother refused to speak, explaining that this issue is Dmitriy Shepelev and the parents of the singer was involved in its rehabilitation only last six months of life.

    “Plato was constantly near the room of his and Jeanne were on the contrary – continues to Olga. – He talked to my mother, approached her, stroked her hair, touched her fingers. Jeanne could not believe that she would leave. Never talked about death, she knew that she was sick, but never talked about death. But God decided it so”.
    Мама Жанны Фриске: первый подробный рассказ о болезни дочери

    Talking about the apartment of Jeanne Friske, Olga has focused on the fact that her daughter got to build it before meeting with Dmitry Shepelev – at the beginning of the two thousandth. “And Dima Jeanne met in 2011, – says Olga Vladimirovna. – Of course, it was love. Jeanne loved Dima”. Comment on recent information in the press that Zhanna wanted to change the name of Plato, allegedly disillusioned with the civil husband, Olga Kopylova refused.

    “He rarely came to us, he somehow didn’t love our house, – continues mother of Zhanna Friske. No dialogue we have with him was not. I had a small child and a daughter nearby. I didn’t care. And for Dima, the topic was uninteresting to him Jeanne had already died. If he respected Joan, it would give us a baby. But he does not respect, although the whole world shouts about his love. Plato grow up, grandma old, but I still wait.

    According to Olga Vladimirovny, Jeanne, a lot rode on the world, just loved your house, loved to go back to the apartment to relax here in complete silence and privacy, by closing the curtains. It was her little world.

    About his chosen Zhanna Friske long time never told my parents. They met by chance – mom and dad came to meet her at the airport, when Jeanne came back from Mexico. There was also Dmitry Shepelev. Working for Jeanne, says Olga Vladimirovna, was for her daughter in the first place.

    “But one day my daughter told me “Mom, I’m pregnant!”. It was such a joy, ” says Olga Kopylova. – Such happiness when she met me in Miami for a tummy. The most beautiful of pregnant women. It is with such joy waited Plato, pre-loved him.”

    Olga showed the concert dress of Joan, in which she spoke of being pregnant. Then the singer was planning a wedding with her lover. She dreamed that the celebration will be in Italy, chose a dress.

    “But it did not…, – bitterly sighs Olga. – Dima did Joan offer on its fortieth anniversary, which we celebrated in the Baltic States. But decided to postpone because of illness, well and somehow it curled”. Answering a journalist’s question about why Shepelev does not give them Plato, Olga just throws up his hands: I do not know.

    Мама Жанны Фриске: первый подробный рассказ о болезни дочери

    “When I left Jeanne, I went there, where he lived talking about, to meet on certain days, when I was allowed. In the winter our visits are even less frequent. Then we began to ask about the meetings in our territory. But Dima’s mother said to me: “Do your child will not be in your home”. And he confirmed these words,” says Olga Kopylova.

    Olga showed things Plato – the little booties that he bought mom. True the kid didn’t even wear, as he was born a big baby and they have been small since birth. “If I met Plato, tell him to grow a good boy, loved his mom and grandma Olga. I think he will be like a mother, will grow up as strong”. Not so long ago, however, Olga Kopylov and Vladimir Friske had a meeting with his grandson.

    “We wanted 7 APR to congratulate Plato’s birthday, but he went to Belarus to Deminym parents. And we met on April 18 in the office of a psychologist, in the presence of a nurse, Dima and eight guards. And you want to give us a baby? It lasted about thirty minutes. Dima played with Plato, and we sat and looked at him. And when the grandson reached out to me, Dima offered him a bike ride. And Oh, they’re gone”

    Olga is sure that Zhanna learn that Dmitry Shepelev is going to behave like that, she would not forgive.

    Then the viewers along with authors of the program “Tonight” moved to the family home of Zhanna Friske, where she died. In the room of Joan, too, nothing has changed. “There was a time when Jeanne was better, she began to rise. This ball March 2014. He swam in the pool, come massage therapist. Then we went to the Baltic States. She was cooking to eat, even tried to drive his car while driving. But I saw very bad. “Mom, such a delight, let me train myself.” And she, blind, was driving”.

    Мама Жанны Фриске: первый подробный рассказ о болезни дочери

    Appeared on transmission and beloved dog Zhanna Friske Labrador named Willis. The dog is sick. She, as the hostess, Oncology. “He underwent several chemotherapy treatments. They say that dogs feel everything and go after their masters.”

    Remembering about the last days of life of the daughter of Olga Kopylova said that Jeanne rose very high temperature, which could not bring down any medication.

    “That was unexpected. We knew that Jeanne is very hard, she was already unconscious. In the morning I went to Kashirke, Jeanne recently ate through a tube, I called the nurse said she was alone in the house, and Joan began to die. I flew home, I do not remember how. Jeanne made a shot, it became easier. We were all there when she left. I went into the next room to lie down, and in came the husband and says, “Jeanne is no more.”

    Olga remembered that for several days after leaving her daughter standing in the cold rainy weather, as if nature mourned for the beautiful woman and singer.

    Bereaved parents of Jeanne Friske confessed that I try not to read anything that they write about their family and daughter on the Internet, but to ignore them is incredibly difficult. In the second part of the program in the Studio there was a close friend of Jeanne Friske, the singer Olga Orlova and friend, stylist Vlad Lisovets. Talking about the conflict of the parents of Jeanne with the father of her child Dmitry Shepelev.

    “Dima, I tried several times to hint, but he has a very serious nature. To who he may say, he always has the opinion, took the word Vlad Lisovets. – About the fact that he does not child, I will never be able to understand.”

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