Анна Чиповская на «Кинотавре» флиртует с продюсером Сергеем Яхонтовым The actress was flirting with her boyfriend and put him in not a friendly hug with a kiss. However, according to Anna, she still meets with businessman Daniil Sergeev. He could not attend the “Kinotavr” of their employment.

      Анна Чиповская на «Кинотавре» флиртует с продюсером Сергеем Яхонтовым

      Anna chipovskaya is a frequent guest on “Kinotavr”. But, if last year the actress came to Sochi with her lover – creative Director of Agency is Daniil Sergeyev, then – flew one. But, apparently, to spend time alone, 28-year-old star of “the Thaw” is not going to. “StarHit” noticed the beauty of the pool in the society of friends of the filmmakers. On the edge of Anna has appeared in the swimsuit body emphasizing all the charm of her slender figure.

      Анна Чиповская на «Кинотавре» флиртует с продюсером Сергеем Яхонтовым

      The company, which, incidentally, were recently parted with RAVENOL Kursovoy producer Ilya Bachurin, with a new companion, enjoying the sunshine and champagne, occasionally being cooled in water. After a couple of hours on the loungers, there are only three – chipovskaya in the company of two young men, one of which the actress seems to feel a very warm feeling.

      Анна Чиповская на «Кинотавре» флиртует с продюсером Сергеем Яхонтовым

      At first Anna with interest about something long conversation over soft drinks with the producer of the film “homeland” and “Duhless 2” 33-summer Sergey Yahontov, and later the couple made each other, it would seem, is not a friendly hug with a long kiss.

      The pool area the couple also left together – but first to the hotel went by Anna and Sergey – track, lagging behind Chipovskaya for a few meters.

      Did the actress suddenly broke up with Sergeyev?

      “No, Daniel still together, we’re good,” commented Anna.

      As it turned out, on “a Kinotavr” the young man couldn’t get out because of the large employment.

      Sergeev and chipovskaya have been Dating for more than three years. Friends of the couple admitted that looking forward to their wedding. School friend Chipovskaya in an interview with “StarHit” recently admitted that Anna loves male attention and is always popular with the opposite sex. Apparently, to easy flirt actress is quite positive. After high school, Anna met with the singer Alexei Vorobiev, actor Nikita Efremov. And once she attributed the novel with Danila Kozlovsky.

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