The spirit of victory as the favorite wives of football players supporting our

Дух победы: как любимые жены футболистов болеют за наших Being a wife of a famous person is not easy, but if the chosen one is engaged in professional sports, it is doubly difficult. “StarHit” gave an overview on how to support their elected companion of the players of the national team of Russia on football, as well as whether they believe in omens.

      Дух победы: как любимые жены футболистов болеют за наших

      Yesterday France started the European championship on football, and this means that our entire country for the next month will live in anticipation of the new games and hard to root for the Russian national team. And the most active fans of football players, their relatives and friends. In fact they are stronger than many believe in the best and await the return of your favorite with a victory.

      By the way, today will be the match between our athletes and the national team of England on football. This is a very powerful opponent, but with the support of the women’s favorite Russian players anything.

      Daria Glushakova

      Дух победы: как любимые жены футболистов болеют за наших“Like any couple, we often quarrel. He is quick-tempered, but easily appeased. I’m the same way — like a match that broke out and quickly extinguished. Never hysteria of 10 days in a row and not get offended. Even if you’re angry and he’s really guilty,” — says Daria Glushakova.

      Daria told “StarHit” that always strives to support my husband during the Championships. If the couple going to the match “Spartacus” and national team of Russia on football together with her daughter, as a rule, the team Glushakova wins. Dennis prefers not to get a haircut and don’t shave before the important matches and come on them without a personal driver. The athlete believes that these actions help him to score goals.

      Tatiana Kombarova

      Дух победы: как любимые жены футболистов болеют за наших

      Curiously, the defender of Russian national team met with Tatiana in a clothing store. They have a daughter Juliana. When she sees on TV, as played by dad, then immediately begins to cry, to rejoice and cheer for Dmitry. Any loss of the beloved Tatiana takes to heart. If this happens, it begins to calm and the most cheers. In recognition of Tatiana, after the games, Dmitry could not sleep at night — because of the adrenaline.

      Olga Berezutsky

      Дух победы: как любимые жены футболистов болеют за наших“I’m always much more worried about the health of her husband, and then for the result, which will show the national team,” — says Olga Berezutsky.

      Spouse Vasily Berezutsky does not believe in omens. She believes that the best support is when you cheer for the player comes his entire family. So Olga regularly attends matches with your child and with your parents and in-laws. Every defeat, says Olga, Vasily prefers to think alone. At such moments, the woman is trying not to touch it, not unless he wants to.

      Natalia Ignashevich

      Дух победы: как любимые жены футболистов болеют за наших

      The presenter met my husband at work. Thanks to Natalia and Sergey began to communicate with journalists and has launched its own website. Before the Championship of Europe on football woman shared in social networks, the superstitious coach of Russia Leonid Slutsky. According to Ignashevich, he is always the day before the game turns off the phone, so it is useless to write messages with wishes of good luck.

      Diana Schennikova

      Дух победы: как любимые жены футболистов болеют за наших

      Wife of defender George schennikova not superstitious, and her husband too. According to Diana, her husband didn’t shave before the match only in the case if he was reluctant. George altogether different relaxed attitude to signs. Sometimes Diana seems that she’s going through even more than her husband. In his interview with the woman also said that George is very undemanding in terms of food — he prefers a simple and hearty homemade food.

      Catherine Smolnikova

      Дух победы: как любимые жены футболистов болеют за наших“My husband doesn’t really like when I’m at the stadium, because for him it’s more exciting,” says Catherine Smolnikova.

      Igor and Ekaterina Smolnikova met when I was in school. In St. Petersburg, where they now live, the lovers moved from Nizhny Tagil. Together Victoria and Chataway Catherine established a joint charity project, which helps children suffering from epidermolysis bullosa. In recognition of Catherine, he loves when she comes to the stadium, as too upset.

      Victoria Shatov

      Дух победы: как любимые жены футболистов болеют за наших

      In the interview, Victoria said that the wife of a footballer to be difficult. It communicates with the wife of another player national team of Russia — Ekaterina Smolnikova. While their spouses train and play on the field, Victoria and Catherine do the housework. Support your favorite they prefer remotely. This is due to the fact that women consider themselves “brings bad luck”.

      Catherine Herun Summarizes

      Дух победы: как любимые жены футболистов болеют за наших“Igor have a lot of good qualities. I like the fact that he’s thoughtful, serious, attentive, he has no bad habits. About say — he’s the right man,” describes his beloved Catherine herun summarizes.

      A graduate of the chemical faculty, Catherine chose a modeling career. She also starred in music videos and movies. Igor Akinfeev doted in its second half, and their heirs — charming Daniel and me, was really exciting. After the match, he prefers to spend time with the family. But the big game player never adheres to will — just takes the field and plays.

      Christine Dziuba

      Artem Dzyuba has admitted he is not afraid to go on the field before the most important matches because he knows what to expect. Much more the player was nervous to participate in the program “What? Where? When?” and when journalists and his wife Christina found out about the affair with TV presenter Maria Orzel. However, donâ Dziuba was so generous, forgiving wife. Together they moved to St. Petersburg, the favourite city of Artem.

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