Саша Зверева приходит в отчаяние от одиночества The singer told about the feelings of a pregnant woman that left her husband. Mother of many children Sasha Zvereva remembered the difficult period in his life. The former participant of group “Demo” admitted that even the most powerful woman covers the horror of what her future child does not need his father.

      The former participant of group “Demo”, designer, popular blogger Sasha Zvereva several years living in America and single-handedly raising three kids – two sons and a daughter. The father of their youngest heir to the Lion who was born in the summer of 2015, Sasha broke off the relationship, being pregnant. The singer is already made the decision to move to America, and the father of the third child Dmitry Diamond did not support it, preferring to remain in Moscow. Sasha Zvereva cherished son, knowing that the boy’s father is unlikely to live with it.

      Throughout the pregnancy the expectant mother tried to be positive, and its posts in microblog was filled with a sense of expectation of happiness. But as it turned out, cheerful publications Sasha Zvereva carefully hid the unbearable pain that is familiar to many single pregnant women. To admit that she suffered terribly, a well-known blogger decided just now, wanting the most likely to support those who are in her position.

      “Pregnant alone. I’m not one terrible enemy would not wish the hell that I went through. I remember that terrible feeling when your child other than yourself, anybody in this world does not need. It hurts. So much so that you break the wheel in half. Why are you screaming silently, mouth open and breathing like a fish in the net. But I didn’t say a word about the pain that would echo to respond to my wounded soul and body. Years to come. What I experienced, you know only the sheets and pillow. And once this story is going to burn me to the ground and become real. And yet… I dig it. As the bone as a relic. Deep. Not to give up,” wrote Sasha Zverev.

      Members of the singer admire her courage and wish Sasha quickly find a companion that will help her cope with the pain. “Straight to the soul get in, but you’re clever, you did,” “You done to cope and overcome these constraints one. Wish you soon find your man, so he took a shovel, dug up the pain and burned her at the stake, well, or on the grill, And it seemed to me then that I feel the hidden pain in your posts, because maybe that was in that time very bad…”, – share opinions followers Sasha Zvereva.

      By the way, mother of many children recently admitted that ready for a new relationship and even actively searches for men placing ads on American Dating sites. Mother of many children Sasha Zvereva looking for a husband on the Internet