Джейк Джилленхол сыграет в «Анархистах против ИГИЛ»

In February 2017 in the Rolling Stone magazine published an article entitled “The Anarchists vs. the Islamic State”, which tells about a man who went to Syria to fight with ISIS (banned in Russia group). Heroes articles Harpa help the people’s protection units, the military wing of the Kurdish Supreme Committee, and founded the anarchist collective.

This material is so hurt the producer and Director Daniel Espinosa that he had no moments of doubt, to make a film based on this story or not.

Along with Espinoza, a situation imbued with producer Riva Marker and actor Jake Gyllenhaal, who in the film will perform a major role.

“The story is Set about people who leave behind all familiar to us life to adapt to harsh conditions,” says Marker. Date of production and the premiere of the film are not yet announced.

Note that the articles in the magazine Rolling Stone in demand in Hollywood. Previously, for example, on the basis of the material from the publication has been filmed the movie “Guys with guns”, which talked about the supply of U.S. army guns and ammunition.