Olga Drozdova: “Dima wedlock son with a neighbor”

Ольга Дроздова: «Дима нагулял сына с соседкой» The actress told “StarHit” why she was ashamed to get a divorce and how she helps her son write love SMS to your classmates. Olga Drozdova told about the rules of the education of his son, the probability to fall in love with a new man and speculate on plastics.

      Ольга Дроздова: «Дима нагулял сына с соседкой»

      On the eve of the birthday of Olga, which she will celebrate on April 1, we meet at the Institute of Contemporary Art. Here, the actress of “Sovremennik” theatre, Professor Olga Drozdova teaches students. Her loose black suit in casual style on the face is a single gram of cosmetics. “Olga, you walk so many rumors – I start a conversation. Something you and your husband are divorced, it is plastic made. And I look at you – the wedding ring on the spot, and traces of surgery on the face is not visible… And no makeup face…” Olga smiles: “what’s the makeup? Still in the classroom for acting I will crawl across the stage in tears and snot, showing the students how to play.”

      I am a traditional eater

      But you probably to look like, often visit the beautician? How do take care of yourself?
      Ольга Дроздова: «Дима нагулял сына с соседкой»Oh, for me it is difficult to follow. This was confirmed by all the relatives. For a woman who loaded up on the role of the actress of “Sovremennik” theatre, Professor, Dean, the artistic Director of the course, mothers and wives, it is difficult to look after, including myself. The way I look, probably a consequence of the energy sent to me by God, and, of course, genes. Beautician but I was still the afternoon with fire you are looking for, swear that I face do not care and I have it all shershong and dry as the Sahara desert. Of course, to do all sorts of mesotherapy, but there’s no time. I’m not against injections, although still not familiar with any Botox or fillers: ‘ve seen how women “sitting” for 15 years blocking muscle preparations, become the owners of face-cloth – it is not trained, atrophy and sagging. It looks awful. I think it’s better plastic surgery done. I may eventually also be resolved. Why not? On stage I have to be a woman and to maintain a “facade” through which broadcast the thoughts and feelings of great authors. The main thing is to seek a competent doctor, not to twisted.
      Ольга Дроздова: «Дима нагулял сына с соседкой»
      And with the sport you like things? Box continue to work?
      Ольга Дроздова: «Дима нагулял сына с соседкой»Yes, but now it is rarely noticed that because of the gym started to slouch, then the hands began stone is not feminine.And vocal coach against my Boxing class, the muscles are warmed up too, resulting is swelling of the ligament. Of course, it would be useful to find time and, for example, to run in the mornings, but in polluted Moscow can afford only a short rush from home to theatre and from store to store. A country house we have, because I’m a man of the metropolis. And indeed nature is covered with pimples. Recently I began having horrible allergies, sprinkled all over the face. Bypassed a lot of the doctors have passed you can take the tests is normal. But one doctor for a long time I asked and still nagapriya. It turns out that in the case of oxygen therapy, which I held beautician, in other words, my body is contraindicated clean air. The reason why I prefer country ozone dust the scenes of the native theater and the smell of soundstages.—
      Nutrition practice?
      Ольга Дроздова: «Дима нагулял сына с соседкой»In General, Yes, although I love all sorts of sausages and cakes. I am by nature a hereditary glutton. Other weaknesses I have – I’m not really a smoker and a drinker but so far so good love to eat. Others often say to me: “Olya, we’ve never seen you eat,” to which I reply, “what do you alcoholics are often in the eyes of the drunk? So I’m going home and there criogenia”. I’m omnivorous. But most of all I love bread with butter and tea with sugar, especially in the dark. Work during the day light, and the night – “remember”: ate – sleep. And all the life of my figure for it was nothing, but after secret took the habit to become apparent. But I’m not giving up. After April 16 I will lose weight, but yet learn to follow the post – God has led to think about the soul, and the passport’s time. Grown-up doing it a second time last year trying to eat only plant foods over the fact that her husband made the night to eat a piece of meat. The fact that at the beginning of the fourth week, my pulse was 46 beats per minute and a pressure of 60 to 38. I felt okay and worked as usual,but these figures alarmed the doctor who monitored my health during lent. He told Dima to force-feed me something skoromniy.—
      In one interview you said that you didn’t consider themselves beautiful. Disingenuous?
      Ольга Дроздова: «Дима нагулял сына с соседкой»No, I’m too old to wriggle and flirt: “Oh, I’m so ugly!”, and you tell me: “Olga, how can you dazzling!”, and I tell you: “Well, why are you lying to me?”, and to himself: “Praise me, praise!” I accept my appearance. Maybe inner vision I see myself as Greta Garbo in the mirror and see something completely Russian folk.

      Son is smarter than me

      Ольга Дроздова: «Дима нагулял сына с соседкой»
      9-year-old Elisha look more like you or Dmitri?
      Ольга Дроздова: «Дима нагулял сына с соседкой»I believe that Dimka had him out of wedlock with a neighbor, because if it is something from parents, only from my husband. He especially reminded of it on the ultrasound images profile just like Pevtsov. And behaved very quietly, in Dima’s style, I even like crazy constantly running to the doctors, “Look, he’s definitely there?” And they surprised me: “Olga, what are you nervous? Here is your son, sleep!”—
      Spoil him? Still, the long-awaited child…
      Ольга Дроздова: «Дима нагулял сына с соседкой»Don’t even know how to respond. Scares me as our current “civilized” world in which children are taken away from parents just because, in the opinion of the guardianship, they are raising them wrong. Now I will say that I have a child up to seven years didn’t know what is sugar and said, “yeah, then we take it from you!” Me a little, for example, was not beaten, and some children spanking is very useful. Although I’m in my son even voice is not raised, only lowered much. In some things he is smarter than me. This often happens with children, because they are not littered with society and his role-playing games. I’m a mom. and from a very young age Elseall to ask him questions from the series: “Why is the sky blue and the leaves on the trees green?”, as I was always curious to know his opinion. Maybe he’ll tell me something of those times, when there was the angel and which is not forgotten? Sometimes I get it, and he said, “Mom, how you bore me with your “why”!” Once we came to visit a friend of mine with a four year old granddaughter Alice. The girl began to play with our dog and wanted to bite her tail. I tried to explain that it’s not worth it, because it is living and it can be painful. What Alice was surprised: “how do you revive it?” she saw that Elisha many toy dogs, and thought that this is one of them. I said that we had already bought it and spice up the toy, probably difficult, and Elisha made me remark: “Mom, why do you persuade? The child has the right to their point of view.”—
      He’s already decided what to be when you grow up?
      Ольга Дроздова: «Дима нагулял сына с соседкой»If he were an unusual child, would have become a pianist, he has everything for it: a unique ear, sensitive fingers. But he’s a normal guy, so not yet decided. Some time loved to chase the ball, but then gave: “you Know, mom, in football I can not found”. On the Internet, he is not sitting, watching TV is not. Not because we don’t allow, he just wasn’t interested. Online, he comes to, for example, read about Georgia, where we went recently, Dima’s mother, Noemi S., decided to visit their Homeland, and where Elisha with dad acted Griboedov Theatre – played the piano. Then he said he wants to get acquainted with the scene, and a month ago we sent him to a children’s theatre musical Studio. As all the idlers, the son thinks that there will be just: memorized the poem, stood on the stool, and surprised everyone. But in the place where he goes, take care of children and adults, so I think that in a couple of months, Elisha will howl, because he needs to learn and fencing, and gymnastics, and dancing and singing… I Want it now understood that the work of an artist is hard, and if he chooses this profession, even from a young age learn to respect it.—
      School comes easily to him?
      Ольга Дроздова: «Дима нагулял сына с соседкой»Yes, Elisha likes to go to class because he loves his homeroom teacher, plus another “wife” of the son is learning in his class.—
      Consults, as with your “daughter” to behave?
      Ольга Дроздова: «Дима нагулял сына с соседкой»You, he knows everything. My 25 years of living together did not say many words of love as Elisha writes in aseneskak his beloved. He demonstrates them to me, so I grammatical errors corrected. And that sent him, the son, of course, does not show – realizes that it is unethical.

      Not the last guy

      Ольга Дроздова: «Дима нагулял сына с соседкой»
      Today our show business faced a wave of divorces. You Dmitry for so many years together – share the secret of a happy marriage?
      Ольга Дроздова: «Дима нагулял сына с соседкой»I pity your show business and these ruined families… many of them I was in love, and it hurts when I know that people split up. I guess I, like all of us, “adult girls”, try the situation on myself, and therefore scary… But for our family, she is on the patience of my husband. Although with age I learn this quality, understand that, said nothing, and the banks themselves, and Dima. Of course, you can speak, but what you get in return? Or you read a two-hour notation, or say: “the fool!” Is it nice? I want to always speak the truth – live in the forest. Well, no friendship, of course, nowhere. It’s a great thing and when you have found a truly close person, he can survive everything. After all, between friends anything can happen – they argue, and suffer from misunderstandings, but these rarely parted.—
      Recently, the premiere of the film “About love”, where he plays your husband. Do you know the feeling of jealousy, because he’s a handsome man?
      Ольга Дроздова: «Дима нагулял сына с соседкой»Well, not the last guy in Moscow. But I’m not possessive, but here it is, I suspect, was me jealous in your old age. Although, it would seem that it is time to calm down, I’m not a young woman, but stands in the presence of Dima about me to appear attractive to the man, he begins to roll around, the tail dissolves…—
      Nice, I guess?
      Ольга Дроздова: «Дима нагулял сына с соседкой»I would not say, I am freedom-loving and believe that no man can own another.—
      Yeah, you even admitted that afraid of her husband’s condition: leave, if I fall in love with another…
      Ольга Дроздова: «Дима нагулял сына с соседкой»Why scare? So at any moment can happen, I here at what? Although it is now probably won’t get divorced – before “people” it is a shame. I told dime: my age, if you decide the young woman to make, at least tell me so I can prepare in time. And then no one will need, and will have, as is now fashionable, find yourself a 20-year-old boy. Recently one woman was heard saying: “I am first and foremost God, then the children.” And I felt ashamed that I had after the Almighty, not the son, and spouse. I realized this after the birth of Elisha considered Dima. Early thought: well, there’s my husband is. All of it is available. In our family in General has always been indecent to live without a spouse, it is bad somehow… And becoming a mom, I realized that Dima is a freak boy, as Elisha, only a little older.