Саша Савельева сделала мужу подарок в постели
The singer said the 43 anniversary of Kirill Safonov Frank the.

Саша Савельева сделала мужу подарок в постели

Kirill Safonov

Photo: @sasha_savelieva Instagram Sasha Savelyeva

This is the present, perhaps
everyone dreams. Sasha Savelyev touching congratulated his wife of Cyril
Safonova birthday. The singer has prepared an unforgettable surprise. Your
the first gift he received in bed: Sasha gave him a bit of…
birthday cake with candles! She captured the moment when he blew out the candle and shared a snapshot with your followers on a microblog.

Sasha Savelieva, Kirill Safonov

Photo: @sasha_savelieva Instagram Sasha Savelyeva

Later Savelyev has published a tender congratulation to the birthday. “He says I hug, he hugs. He does not say — I will make you happy, he does. Favorite! Happy birthday!” — Sasha wrote.

By the way, the singer admits that despite the fact that family life Savelyeva lasts for six years, their relationship has not gone romance. A touching congratulation, prepared by Sasha, another confirmation of this fact. Many fans also rushed to congratulate Kirill, wished him luck in his career and the kids in the family. Fans for many years look forward to when the star couple a baby, but Sasha, Cyril, this question is not particularly worried. They believe that children choose their parents. Perhaps, their life will be a whole football team of kids!

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