Стала известна причина смерти Антона Ельчина
The coroner found that he suffocated!

Стала известна причина смерти Антона Ельчина

Anton Yelchin

Photo: Splash News/East news

Стала известна причина смерти Антона Ельчина

Photo: Splash News/East news

According to the online edition
forensic experts carried out an autopsy on the body of Hollywood actor of Russian origin Anton Elchina, who died in
last Sunday, from which he died. As indicated in
the conclusion, Anton died as a result of “traumatic asphyxia”, simply
speaking, suffocated. His death came just a minute after
that drove your own car..the force of the blow was such that the unfortunate Anton literally slams into the bars of the gate, and the thickness of the solid steel rods were seriously deformed. While the chest of the actor turned out to be fractured, and torn the lungs.

And yet the circumstances under which the tragedy occurred, is not yet fully elucidated. It is assumed that the vehicle is off hand
brakes and rolled over down the hill, hit Elicina.

Incidentally, if the technical
experts are now carefully studying the state machine of the actor, confirmed
this hypothesis, it will lead to serious problems for producers
car Jeep
The situation is further complicated by the fact that the carmaker has released a car
the actor has in the past managed to “tarnish” his reputation. In 2014-2015 he has withdrawn more than million of their vehicles due to the multitude of discovered technical

Regarding Anton, all the acting community and his many fans mourn the untimely death of this young talented actor. According to forecasts, the number of people wishing to attend the premiere of the last film with the participation of Elcina — “star trek: Infinite” today at times increased, so there may be a shortage of tickets.

Anton Yelchin in “star trek: Infinity”

Photo: Kinopoisk.ru

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