Renata Litvinova in Italy seriously played sports

Рената Литвинова в Италии всерьез занялась спортом
Following the example of their friends, the actress has into running.

Рената Литвинова в Италии всерьез занялась спортом

Renata Litvinova in Italy

Photo: @renatalitvinovaofficiall (Instagram Renata Litvinova)

Renata Litvinova in Italy

Photo: @renatalitvinovaofficiall (Instagram Renata Litvinova)

Refined Renata Litvinova easier to imagine in the evening
dress on a stellar track than in the gym. Sports uniform and icon
style?.. However, even in relation to Renata’s expression “never say never”
can be relevant.

Now Litvinova is located in Italy. The exhibition of men’s fashion
she introduced her 17-minute black-and-white film about a love triangle and
the death of “The day of my death” (the title of one of the poems of pier Paolo
Pasolini). Renata was inspired by the biography of this cult Italian Director. Film
which one of the roles played the daughter of actress Ulyana Dombrovskaya, filmed in
Florence abandoned tobacco factory.

Of course, on the first night Renata looked very elegant, she
appeared before the audience in high heels, in a stylish dress and jacket
unisex. But the next morning after the screening of short films
Litvinov was dressed in a fitted in shape and went for a run
along the coast.

“Under the influence of sports fellow running along the sea on the sand. Seen
that ran for 6 miles?”
— shared the star, completed the training. Fans noted that this type of running takes a lot of energy, however, the actress in good physical shape. This could, incidentally, be sure and visit the recent festival
“Kinotavr” in Sochi, the opening of which Renata appeared in a designer outfit that emphasized the perfect shape of a star.

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