Sasha Saveliev responded on the talk about divorce

Саша Савельева отреагировала на разговоры о разводе Singer and Kirill Safonov in this year celebrated six years of married life. During this period of time they managed to stop to take seriously what is written about them in journals and to find harmony and understanding in relations with each other.

      Саша Савельева отреагировала на разговоры о разводе

      Alexander Saveliev, Kirill Safonov has been together for about seven years. However, the pair doesn’t really like to talk about their family life to the media. They met through a mutual friend Katherine von Gechmen-Waldeck. The singer and actor broke a whirlwind romance, and three months later the young man has called glamorous blonde marry.

      After the couple celebrated their wooden wedding last year, the press released information that they are on the verge of divorce. Sasha Savelieva accustomed to tales that sometimes appear about it in the Newspapers, and told how to feel about that.

      “Such notes in the press do not cause me discomfort: I simply do not read. Six years ago, there were also different articles that claimed Savelyev break up with Safonov. Then came across a note where, on the contrary, it was reported that were going to get married. How we both laughed, because at that time had already been married, got married secretly! But reporters are probably looking for “sensation” in the hope that perhaps it gets “in ten,” recalled Saveliev.

      Sasha Savelieva and Kirill Safronov celebrated wooden wedding

      Ex-participant of “factory of stars” believes that much has changed during the marriage and have learned to perceive what is happening around her thanks to spouse. “During our relationship, I noticeably matured. I think just for those seven years, there has been some development of my personality. I’m starting to realize why something is so and not otherwise. Like a veil from the eyes subsides. Used to look at life through rose-colored glasses,” said Alexander.

      Grown-up singer and her husband for a long time already planning a child. However, while for Savelyeva top priority in her life is work. Even after birth it has no plans to sit a long time in the decree.

      “I officially declare: I ready for such a serious mission, like motherhood. Sometimes joke with my husband that he is not averse to increase family size to a football team. Not that I wanted only boys. Of course, girls must also be. But this is decided at the top, and the children choose their own parents”, – told Alexander in an interview to “Caravan of stories”.

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