Mihaylov takes a heartwarming congratulations from friends and colleagues

Стас Михайлов принимает трогательные поздравления от близких и коллег The wife of the artist has posted a romantic message to her husband. Today Stas Mikhailov celebrates its 47 anniversary. Family, friends and fans are also not left out and sent kind words to the musician.

      Стас Михайлов принимает трогательные поздравления от близких и коллег

      Today the popular singer Stas Mikhaylov celebrates his birthday. The actor celebrates its 47 anniversary. Of course, first and foremost a musician was congratulated by his family – wife ina and children. Mikhailov’s wife wrote a very touching message to her beloved husband, where once again admired his good qualities.

      “The most loving, the kindest, most honest, most beautiful Stas, happy birthday, my dear! Happy that the Lord gave me the opportunity to be with you, to breathe the same air, and live at the same time. You’re my everything! Wanted the tremendous scale of different feelings that you have for people charged only with positive. You are loved, appreciated and awaited by millions of fans all over the world – this is happiness! Success, peace, health! Give us the feast of the soul, which can do only you,” wrote Inna in the microblog. She also demonstrated and touching greetings daughter, as well as those gifts that you have prepared the children for the father.

      Стас Михайлов принимает трогательные поздравления от близких и коллег

      Fans were delighted with such a touching congratulation for the most loved Stas Mikhailov people. Followers, in turn, are too quick to Express a few kind words to the beloved musician.

      “Happy birthday, favorite actor! Life, love, God – all in your works emotional lives, unique life. Nobody before you was able so accurately to catch these things, to describe music. Once you have invited in your family love and happiness, so let these two main components always live with you! Peace, health and many happy years! We love you! Your wife lives in your soul, this is felt and reflected through her wisdom and beauty external and internal! Thank you for this!” “Happy birthday! Let life be only positive, let it be all right with the mood, let happy work team, and will smooth your way! Let your life surrounded by reliable, loyal friends. And let home smiles meets a happy and strong family,” he sent warm words to Stas Mikhailov many fans to this day.

      Fans have repeatedly noted, what is Stas and Inna perfect family. As told Mikhailov in an interview with “StarHit”, for him love is that feeling you get when you give more than you take. Moreover, in building relationships with his wife, he is a good example – parents who lived together for 55 years.

      Video posted by Inna Mikhailova (@inamikhaylova), 26 APR 2016 8:40 PDT

      Стас Михайлов принимает трогательные поздравления от близких и коллег

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