Саша Бортич решила похудеть на 20 килограммов
Help her in this man, who himself weighed a ton.

Саша Бортич решила похудеть на 20 килограммов

Sasha Bortech

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Саша Бортич решила похудеть на 20 килограммов

Roman Curtin

Photo: Instagram Of The Novel Kurzyna

Began shooting the Comedy “I’m losing weight” with Sasha Bortech, Irina
Gorbachev, Evgeny Kulik, Roman Korzinin and Sergei Shnurov. It’s fun
the story of the trials through which the man who decided to lose weight and
that happiness is not pack abs. In
life of the main heroine, Ani (played by Bortech) two passions: food and
the handsome athlete Jack (Roman Curtin). After Jack dumped her for
the fact that she recovered, Anna decides to fight for his love and to lose 20 lbs. But it turns out that in
alone to struggle with food and excess weight is not easy. Comes to help
obsessed with healthy lifestyle fat nick. He played the role of actor and
popular comedian-blogger Evgeny Kulik. “Lost 20 kg for the movie. As
McConaughey. Now I weigh 180”, — he said.

Screen image fragile Sasha Bortech not yet advertised. Soon
all the actress had to gain weight or to use prosthetics to
to become like the character of Renee Zellweger in Bridget Jones. Parallels
not random, talking about them and the filmmakers. “We want to share a true
a story about people who live in our time, in our country, about the girl “from
next door”, not to make a grotesque Comedy about the fictional characters in
artificial circumstances. We are confident that this honest approach
will touch the viewer. In the end it should be touching, emotional and
clear many movie Russian “Bridget Jones Diary” — says one of
producers Sergey Cornichon.

The film’s Director Andrey Needs to understand the feelings of the heroine, he himself once lost weight by 28 kg: “It’s always challenging and fun adventure
as you better understand yourself and those around you. Our
the film is a comedic and positive Outlook on life combined with realism and
these poignant feelings. We have no jokes for the jokes, all funny
catches from reality.”

Саша Бортич решила похудеть на 20 килограммов

Evgeny Kulik

Photo: Instagram Evgeny Kulik

Irina Gorbacheva

Photo: Vladislav Volkov

A small but important role in the film played Sergei Shnurov.
He will replace the usual way of winding the leader of the alcoholic occasion. Cords
plays the father of the protagonist, the once dashing man, and now serious
entrepreneur, building a king-bath.

“I like that my character is fundamentally
unlikely, says Sasha Bortech. In
the situations in which it is, I would behave completely different. My
character this is very special, to play it is a challenge for me. The
in my character many will be able to learn themselves. Maybe it will help
someone to deal with their complex problems. I think of the movie
a very important mission: to convey to girls, girls, women thought about what we need
to accept ourselves for who we are, to love yourself. If at least one person
leaving the cinema, it will feel, so all the work is done not in vain.”

The role of a handsome athlete Genis, whose outer shell
care much more content will be performed by the Roman Curtin. “Fitness now
very hot topic: the cult of the beautiful athletic body, diet, special
programs. But many overlook the main thing: harmony between the inner and
external. For me personally this project is that if the rate
first of all, the body is no more, how cool you may look, how
be slender and physically fit you are, it will not bring you happiness.”