Evgeny Osin cannot walk and asks for help

Евгений Осин не может ходить и просит о помощи

As reported by the journalists of the day.Ru, a famous Russian singer Evgeny Osin can’t walk. This was told by the 52-year-old artist. He laments the lack of assistance from the ex-wife and daughter, as well as the lack of funds for the operation.

“Two weeks ago I refused the lower limbs. The reason for this was problems with the spine. I live alone, daughter and ex-wife’s forgotten me completely, and I can hardly move around the apartment. The feeling that crawl on sharp knives. Required multiple operations,” said the insider.
Due to the lack of money can’t even make out in the hospital. Even the most necessary state of patients does not provide, and Aspen has no money to stay in the hospital. Singer estimated that he had not less than sixty thousand rubles, after which he will move on a wheelchair and crutches. According to Aspen, the last money he took “the TV people”, which filmed the story for several days lived with him and fed at his expense, and when it’s time for them to settle with him – simply disappeared.
“I have a serious problem with his legs, it hurts to stand, sit, and sometimes sleep. My congenital flat feet were aggravated, should be treated. I had a dislocated shoulder, further bone didn’t heal properly. It is necessary to do the operation. Moreover, the most offensive, that the pain was the shoulder, on which hangs a guitar, and it’s heavy, weighs five to seven pounds” — told of his grief Osin.
Due to the fact that Eugene took to his bed, he can’t make speeches, so he turns to people for help.