Julia Kovalchuk hides her pregnancy

Юлия Ковальчук скрывает свою беременность
In the Network appeared information about the fact that the singer is on the fifth month of pregnancy.

Alexey Chumakov and Julia Kovalchuk

It seems that Yulia Kovalchuk and Alexei Chumakov, who had long dreamed of becoming parents, finally, are to be congratulated. In mass media appeared information about the fact,
the couple are expecting a baby. A colleague of the singer said that Julia is on the fifth
months pregnant, and the baby will be born in the fall. But the parents do not give any comments.

“The reason we do not comment on,” said
7days.ru the official representative of the stars. His
interesting situation Kovalchuk conceals, not talking about
pregnancy even to close friends. The artist became less likely to appear on secular
events and asks the stylists to pick up for her free clothes.

By the way, a possible pregnancy
Kovalchuk her fans have discussed for a long time. They believed that the pair have long been ready
the appearance of the child and will soon inform the public. Someone
fans of the singer decided that she’s probably in the position and that is why wearing a boxy…

We will remind, recently the Network began to appear information about what exactly
soon Julia and Alex will supposedly announce the divorce.

Once again
to stop the growth of the whole coma rumors, Julia clarified that
really going on in her life. In the family of Kovalchuk, contrary
assumptions, there is complete harmony. “I am approximately every six months “pregnant,” then my husband and I divorced, then I put the chest, joked Julia. — We are calm about it all. If that happens, we will tell about it after the fact!”

this Kovalchuk said that when I get pregnant, of course,
some point will announce it, but the rush to announce the joyous event
the whole world will not. She will try to keep the “interesting position” in
secret as long as possible. “I know how many different energy
attracted to artists. Let’s be honest: often it is not
only good”, — said Kovalchuk.