Sasha Black is going to increase breast size

Саша Черно собирается увеличить размер груди
The other day, one of the most striking participants of the reality show “House-2” Sasha Black announced that he was going to do plastic surgery.

Саша Черно собирается увеличить размер груди

To participate in the TV show Sasha weighed 130 kg with height 183 cm, but lately she decided to do her figure and was able to achieve some results. But still the imperfections of her figure often discussed by haters.

Саша Черно собирается увеличить размер груди

“Everything! Doubts have all disappeared. Today was a consultation with a plastic surgeon. He greatly endeared himself. Explained, described and showed the result of work that was already done. I’m going to do and chest, and stomach, and arms,” said Black.

It should be noted that many participants of the home electroni countries resort to services of plastic surgeons.

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