Саша Артемова уладила конфликт с Алианой Гобозовой из-за свадьбы Eks-the participant “Houses-2” has declared that does not hold a grudge on a friend. Some time ago, the Network was made public the correspondence Aliani in which she admitted she purposely missed the wedding of former colleagues in telestroke.

Last fall Sasha Artemova married Eugene Cousin. The pair called for a holiday of many friends and acquaintances who participated with them in the project “Dom-2”. It turned out that among the guests was also Aliana Ustinenko. However, the ex-fiancee of Alexander Gobozov decided not to go to the celebration.

In the Internet appeared the audio recording, in which Aliana explained to another friend, why not go to Artemov. According to her, she was not ready to look for a dress and a present for the newlyweds.

“Me Cousin was invited, and do not want to go. There is no gift, no dresses, and just laziness. Don’t even know what to think. In fact I’m not a close friend. Called to the wedding those who have a lot of subscribers, so the noise was more,” said Aliana.

Besides, ex-member of telestroke decided to cheat a friend, citing the fact that on the day that Sasha is the date of the wedding, she’s out of town. As Aliana often flies to Volgograd, she said it had to go.

“Now we have a few days to lay out the posts and stories. And if I see someone in Moscow? I told Sasha I leave tomorrow for a few days. Supposedly dad works on my IP, he now has problems and I need in local tax” – shared in the messages ex-girlfriend Gobozova.

Artemova learned about this lie of another ex-member of telestroke. Sasha decided to enter the position Aliani.

“We Allianoi are in good relations. Zhenya always supported her, sorry. Of course, it was frustrating to listen to these voice messages. But I understand that all of us girls. Aliance child, family, work, social networking, kindergarten, training his son to school, household chores. I went into her position and tried to understand,” – said the wife of a Cousin.

Later it became known that Gobozova asked forgiveness from a former colleague on a reality show. “She wrote me later, apologized. I immediately said that nothing terrible happened. We continue to Aliana love and support. Can’t say that these conversations have something terrible. I understand she was set up by friends with whom she used to communicate. I just wished for Eliane to find a good, faithful friends, which is very rare in our life happens. And, of course, to meet a man with whom she will be truly happy. I sincerely wish nothing but good for her,” said Sasha in an interview with the portal Dom2Life.