Карина Кокс защитила мужа, оскорбившего Ольгу Бузову The ex-soloist of group “Cream” believes that nobody is entitled to criticize her husband. Karina Cox is outraged Network users who are dissatisfied with the statements of DJ Edward Magaeva. The Olga Buzova unpleasant to hear in your address unpleasant words, and she told this to his followers.
Карина Кокс защитила мужа, оскорбившего Ольгу Бузову

Not so long ago Edward Bagaev, better known as DJ MEG made insulting words in the address of Olga Buzova. He made fun of her intention to sue one of the residents of Comedy Club Andrei Skorokhod, naming the leading “House-2” “animal” and “mongrel”. The actress did not expect that men can afford to show themselves rude in relation to it.

Some time later, Edward has recorded a video message in which he said that already apologized to Olga and once again publicly apologized for the unpleasant words. However, the man does not understand why she still gets upset and makes it up for public discussion.

“Olga Buzova, do not believe that appeal to you. Your last post I don’t understand why – it’s too much. Two days ago, apologized for the joke, an insult to your address. Managers spoke, all agreed. I don’t understand why you need this wave. I went beyond. No offense, if you can, do not be angry, I don’t rush, that I did. Sorry,” asked the musician.

Apparently, fans were angered by this artist apology for his words. They probably started writing Magaeva wife, ex-soloist of group “Cream” Karin Cox. She advised users to follow the sayings of their husbands, and leave her alone. She fully supported a loved one and reported that it did not intend to criticize him and chastise. Moreover, the singer has threatened to block access to the page that will continue to condemn her lover.

“In this situation, O. B. took on the role of the victim, apparently a person needs to live this experience, so please capitivate O. sympathetic comments on her page. And the third (important), my husband is to me the best man in the world and for criticism in its address, of course, go deep in the ban, I also know where the button is,” wrote Karina on Twitter, but then deleted the post.

Olga Buzova admitted that she is tired of negativity. She realizes that popularity implies both fans and haters. However, grievous to her to hear the insults from media personalities in the public space. Olga Buzova lost his nerve because of the scandal with the resident Comedy Club

“Men! I don’t want it any more! True. Using the fact that I don’t have the defender, taking advantage of the wave of negativity began to appear one after another offensive video. This is what a man does? That’s human? And if these words to say about your daughter or wife? Mom? Yes, I’m one. But I can stand up for themselves. And I will. I will not let this Hamam to do whatever they want, and so just to humiliate me and to insult. I have parents, a family, a very elderly grandmother. Unfortunately – they see everything. And upset a lot stronger. That makes me even harder,” – wrote in His microblog.