Sarah Oaks: “We Nagiyev kissing Mature”

Сара Окс: «Мы с Нагиевым целовались по-взрослому» Aspiring actress told the juicy details of the filming of the series “Two fathers and two sons”. Sara OKS became a partner Dmitry Nagiyev in one of the releases of new films. The girl shared with “StarHit” the impression of working with a famous actor.

      Сара Окс: «Мы с Нагиевым целовались по-взрослому»

      For anybody not a secret that in recent years, almost none of the youth series or show can not do without the participation of Dmitry Nagieva. The third season of one of them – “Two fathers and two sons” recently ended at STS.

      Young actress Sarah Ochs, who played one of the roles in the film, told “StarHit”, how was it shooting with a favorite Nagiyev.

      Сара Окс: «Мы с Нагиевым целовались по-взрослому» “I was already familiar with it, after all, participated in the “Holidays in Mexica”, and he led a post-show about the project. But, of course, he didn’t remember me and decided to meet. The scene started like this: I’m really attached to the boards can’t move anything but his hero, saves me. So before rehearsal, when I was hanging, Dimitri approached me, hugged, learned how the mood, if I’m right. Nagiev generally behaved quite gallantly and tried to help,” says the artist.
      Сара Окс: «Мы с Нагиевым целовались по-взрослому»

      Interestingly, the actor has indeed proved to be a man, protecting Oaks from the employee set, which Sarah got into a conflict. “I just did not like. Maybe I was jealous Nagiyev… But clung all the time, not fulfill properly his duties, in the end I had to ask a hundred times from others. At one point she absolutely could not hold in their hands, and Dmitry just had to close her mouth, raising her voice”.

      Сара Окс: «Мы с Нагиевым целовались по-взрослому»

      In addition, at the end of the scene, the script girl had to kiss the main character. Up the motor several times they rehearsed the scene to work anigrand.

      “I was terribly worried – after all Nagiev! Plus, I was sick and he was afraid to infect. We kissed on the stage, that is applied to the lips, and in the picture thought it was a real kiss. But I was shocked when the shooting began, and Dmitri kissed me like an adult! Had to play it”, – told the “StarHit” artist.
      Сара Окс: «Мы с Нагиевым целовались по-взрослому»

      The excitement of beauty is absolutely understandable, because in addition to the ropes that she was tied and kiss, she had to shoot a real gun. “I wasn’t ready for this! Never held it in my hands, but had to learn right there, practically without rehearsals. Dmitri was wearing a vest, but still had to be very careful, these bullets can hurt. But here Naghiyev came, took me aside and explained how to hold the gun, how to shoot, not to hurt him, but in all it was beautiful.

      Sarah also noted that, despite his love for women and natural charm, on the site Dmitri tries to act very gallantly and appeared before the colleagues of the fair sex a true gentleman.